‘Sharp Force Trauma To The Neck And Feet’ Killed Sasha

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A postmortem examination determined that ‘sharp force trauma to the neck and feet’ killed Sasha Polius, whose partially decomposed body was discovered at Lower Morne Road, Castries, on July 23 this year.

Officer in Charge of the Major Crime Unit, Superintendent Luke De Freitas, disclosed the postmortem results in a statement on Monday.

Superintendent Luke De Freitas

De Freitas also said that the forensic laboratory identified the partially decomposed body as Sasha’s on Friday.

The senior police officer explained that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) had already started a homicide investigation while it awaited identity confirmation.

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Relatives reported that they last saw Sasha on July 17 when she left to attend a barbecue.

They filed a missing person’s report with the police after she failed to return home and efforts to contact her were unsuccessful.

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  1. Good ideas. But in addition to phone records, any finger prints found on her body or her outfit could have been easily matched to those of the killer …. if we had a database of finger prints. All persons above 18 should submit records of their finger prints when they apply for their ID cards or social security numbers. Simple.

  2. PM swallow your pride and admit you are failing on crime. Stop letting the rover crook dictate to you! National Security is at an all time low….you are not putting us first. Hand National Security over to capable persons who can do the job. Jeez

  3. The Police does Waste too much time when Investigating a Homicide or Other Crimes.They allow the Murderers to escape all the time .St.Lucians shoukd really Demonstrate as Jamaica. Its out of hand in St.Lucia the police allow Crime to escalate in this Country

  4. what if her homicide is related to the most recent one in roseau? what if her murder was a message to kelvin to surrender…the brutal nature of this homicide is not a simple act but one that is used to send out a message to someone or a group of persons…and this act was not carried out by one person…this had to have 3 persons involved…hopefully this should be an easy case to solve should they recover her phone and gain access to its contents…

  5. u mean to tell me somebody have heart to do this to the young lady??? did she upset you? did she say something you didnt like??? wat did she do to you??? this is so sad…young ladies be careful….may justice be served

    • I think we the citizen’s can solve it, so let’s go guys
      First the police need to subpoena the phone records, then interview everybody at the barbecue.


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