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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am

Shawn Edward Thanks Constituents, Says ‘Together We Have Achieved A Lot’

Dennery North MP Shawn Edward has expressed gratitude to the people of his constituency for placing their confidence in him to represent them as he observed the fourth year of his current term in office.

“This has proven to be a strong and formidable partnership for the betterment of the valley,” Edward said in a message posted on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“Today Saturday June 6th, marks exactly 4 years since you, the people of Dennery North, reposed your confidence in my ability to represent your interests in the Parliament of Saint Lucia. Thank you immensely for the opportunity to serve. Thank you for voting for me and the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I look forward to our next victory at the polls later this year or early 2021,” the MP stated.

He recalled that the people of Dennery North first voted for him in the general elections of 2011.

According to Edward, in 2016 they renewed their confidence in his ability to represent their interests in parliament and in the wider scheme of government.

“Together we have achieved a lot and all of what has been achieved is as a result of this formidable partnership that I have been able to forge with you,” the Dennery North MP explained.

“I enjoy working with and for you. I have always taken the role of parliamentary representative very, very seriously. It is an honour that you have given to me and it is one that I cherish tremendously. Today, Saturday June 6, marks exactly four years since you voted for me for a second time and I want to take the opportunity to place on record how grateful I am for that opportunity you gave so that I can serve on your behalf,” Edward stated.

“Together we have achieved a lot, together we have struggled, together we have overcome and I believe that our work in this valley is not done. And it is for this reason I am asking you that with elections on the horizon and whether the Prime Minister chooses to  call it this year or next year, I want to let you know that I am available to continue leading that charge in the parliament and in government for you – the people of Dennery North,” the MP declared.


  1. Elections coming right..not everybody are fools.thats the o ly time yall know only time yall want to thank people.

  2. shawn has proven himself as a servant of the people, he has show that he is the kinda of politician we need, im not from dennery north but can personally attest to his commitment and dedication, well done bro

  3. Genius_758 I did not see you post that comment when the flambeau general secretary had his thank you press release yesterday. What happened? Is that you were so shocked that the flambeau general secretary admitted that many flambeau supporters like many others are feeling “unaccounted for”?

  4. Keep up the good work bro. I am ready to uproot that Corrupt, Insensitive, Disrespectful, Money Hungry, FFF, Name Calling, Money Wasters out of this country for good.

  5. Congrats UWP , people see through SLP gimmicks. Lets do like the people in St.Kitts and keep a working government in power.
    You see not a word from their hacks, if only Denzil Douglas of the St. Kitts labour had won all their hacks would be out in full force. How can a party with no track record of performance even in good times bring productive benefits to St. Lucia . Lucian beware.

    • Owen John stop there. UWP is nothing like Team Unity in St. Kitts/Nevis. This is what a London based news outlet wrote about the St. Kitts government and how it used CIP funds: “The fund option proved particularly beneficial to developing tourism, improving skill sets, and paying off debts. “Funding was obtained for a second cruise ship pier and the funding of the STEP program which provides skills to increase job opportunities.” “Through good fiscal management of resources, the program assisted in the repayment of the country’s IMF loan and the establishment of economic buffers for the country.”
      Now the same cannot be said about the Government of St.Lucia. In fact, Chastanet has refused to report on the CIP money as the law dictates.

    • In sharp contrast, to what is happening here, the Team Unity Government in St. Kitts used the CIP money to launched a $30-million-dollar property ownership programme for government employees and paid them a 13-month (double) salary for the past two consecutive years.

  6. Well well Shawn fine time to thank your constituents because elections coming again I can’t remember u you thanking them two or three years ago why this specific year because you would need the votes again .Well those tricks works sometimes but not all the times Shawn boy it seems that you have already started begging for votes good luck on your effort .and by way what exactly you have really achieve whilst in office for the valley you are as bad as Pierre you have nothing to toot about so stop playing on the ignorance of your constituents people not stupid anymore just the government continue what they have started

  7. National….to be honest i didnt see that flambeau thing u talking about.but i wasnt just pointing at shorn.i mean politicians in general.despites shorn might be a good representative,which i think he is,around that time politicians start playing der games with people.mabe 15 years ago i wasnt politically wise,but i am now.people need to stop that colour favour thing.we surpose to vote for betterment of our country,n certainly a better future for our kids n ourselves.

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