Shawn Edward Urges Vote For SLP At Polls To ‘Salvage’ Saint Lucia

Dennery North MP Shawn Edward has called on all patriotic Saint Lucians to vote the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) out of office at the next elections.

“I am saying you that you have seen what this United Workers Party administration has done to our country and to our constituency. We need to vote them out and it starts with you the people of Dennery North,” Edward asserted.

He made the remarks in a video recording posted Saturday on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“You have to ensure that you vote for the Saint Lucia Labour Party. You have to ensure that you vote Shawn Edward again, because you have all the evidence before you that when a Saint Lucia Labour Party government is in office, Dennery North is a better place,” the MP asserted.

“We have a country to salvage, we have a country to serve, we have a country we need to save and this operation, this effort calls for all patriotic hands, it calls for people who love country, people who are prepared to put country before self to come forward and join this movement, join the struggle. I am ready,” Edward stated.

He said he has the energy, verve and commitment.

“I am passionate about representing you,” Edward told his constituents.

He indicated that together, they had achieved a lot of projects.

However,  the Dennery North MP observed that he is no superhero in what has been achieved.

He said he understands that he could not have done it on his own.

“I was able to achieve on your behalf because I had your love, your encouragement and your support and without those we would not have achieved all of what we achieved. So today I come to you once again to ask for a renewal of this commitment. I ask you to stand with me as we enter a new campaign period,” Edward said.

He urged his audience to ensure they influence members of their family, associates and everyone else to make sure that they go to the various polling stations and vote for the SLP whenever elections are called.



  1. Vote SLP to stop progress and bring the country backwards. Listen to these people , all you hearing is hate for their country by asking people to vote SLP, vote SLP and start the real suffering. . Try paying for your licence sticker when SLP is in power you will see how high it is . $75 minimum was added to it by the SLP idiots. SLP is a party of misery.

  2. thats a real laugh SLP. i guess he need to get some more lotto money for expenses. they desperate dem volaires.

  3. We will vote for UWP to continue what they started

    – reduce vat to 12.5% with plans to reduce it further

    – write off all old debts to the hospitals when they came to power, the poor who were struggling every month to make payments were now able to use that money otherwise.

    – give us a break on property tax , now going on to 4 years.

    – growing the economy pre covid so more people were employed ( remember youth unemployment was about 50% under SLP) making it possible that more persons in poor household were working easying the strain on parents. Real employment instead of step, remember giving a fish instead of teaching people to fish

    – restoring the free school transportation which was stopped by the SLP

    -competed phase 1 of the Castries market project where our vendors can ply their trade in dignity.

    – after years of having to vend sitting on side walks and exposed to the blazing sun or the pouring rain in the town of Soufriere , a new market was built.

    – the party that is spending $10 million a year on school repairs when the other side was only spending only $1 million. Remember when our poor kids were attending school with leaking roofs.

    – free meals to school kids

    -finally on track to finishing St Jude for the people of the south

    – opening of OKEU, when the other side could not.

    – increase in the public assistance programme

    – increase in the number of people employed as care givers

    – to implement universal health care.


  4. You people turn into beggers,is that all you are interested in your sit
    Well I thought you were different from the rest but you prove me wrong, my God are you serious.

  5. Our country is more than in a crisis , I vowed never vote but but seeing what happened in the last four years under the name of governance , I have decided to break that vow . this has been the worst of all political administrations ever in St Lucia even those on the sick beds at our hospitals I want to vote that mess out .

    • Hunter I think you are either blind or you listening to the garbage that comes out of the labor mps mouth for you not to see the progress this country has made in 4 years need I remind you that they found the country in the red negative growth for 4 conservative years so far uwp has turn our fortunes around with positive growth all our dilapidated infrastructure that was left to deteriorate for 20 years are being attended to unemployment reduce both in general and among the youth our debt to gdp has been reduced just to name a few so you don’t expect a government to do everything in 4 years when they found the country in shambles

      • pay that thing no mind. This is an SLP politician desperate to go hunting for government money

  6. Shawn vote SLP for you to open another Minister’s Account. A bunch of jokers. SLP stands a chance only if Pip and Kenny are not the leader, Hilaire isn’t there, etc..

  7. This is the joke of the year. Why would I vote a party that’s only making things harder on lucians every time they in office. You can’t even tell us about the ministers account that was in your name and you want me to vote SLP again. Man every time SLP in power construction work going underground and trying to put bananas out, import and tell the farmers there is no need for their products. How can I keep voting for a party like that. I will never vote SLP again

  8. Shawn Edward is a young man with a very good heart; a great MP for Dennery North. Continue to do the important work you’ve been doing.

    Bravo Shawn!

    • Don’t you realise he did not mention any of the things he claimed he did? I know of the water supply with the Mexicans he started just before the election.

  9. That’s why politricktians in St.Lucia Should be above the age of 50years .Married .PhD and Declear their Assets..Too many fools comes into politiricks poor and Leave as a Millionaire.The Deposit Should be $ loose all will be going to the Treasury

  10. Too many persons Enter the politricks profession poor in St.Lucia and Exit Rich .As far as I see it to be a politicktian you must be over the age of 50yesrs .Married .PhD and Declare your assets .Too many Crooks in politiricks.There are a few who just got Married Recently and a few that’s not Married

  11. Shawn a little woman U.W.P sending against you in Dennery that have you scared so. Aa what happen to your face lil boy. First time I see Shawn so the man always confident now you are reduced to this. E sum whole choo pa bon Shawn and she eh even say a word yet.

  12. Shawn I mustt say you look scared in that video you must. Better than you don’t look confident you look like failing grade .why is only now you choose to address your constituents to ask for another chance you owe them an expclosetslanation concerning the minister s account and many more blunders by your party it seems you really running scared your facial expression says it all .I also see desperation in your party but you need to let us know what plans and policies you have in place for the chance that you are asking too many skeletons in slp closers so you must come better no chance

  13. Hot mess you made my night .. and you’re so right .. 17 -0 or 16 – 1

    SLP.. try again in 10 years by then I’ll be 60 and waiting on the Lord

  14. Shawn I thought you said Phera was no threat to you. If you did well in Dennery North there is nothing to worry about, you’re safe. Why you look so scared and uncomfortable in your video? just asking for a friend.

  15. Shawn, you asked your supporters to ensure that their family and friends vote for you. you forgot the other F , foreigners. FFF. Ha ha ha.

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