Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sheer Number Of Violators Hamper Enforcement Of Saint Lucia Shutdown

The sheer number of Saint Lucians who ignored warnings to stay at home during the national shutdown due to the approach of Tropical Storm Dorian hampered the ability of the police to enforce it, it was announced Tuesday.

The police had warned in a statement Monday that violators of the shutdown would be detained.

“We tried to the best of our ability to enforce the laws, however in some cases it was not possible because of the number of persons you had on the streets as it related to having a place to accommodate them,” Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry explained.

He told reporters that in most instances police asked the violators to clear the streets and get to safety.

However the Island’s top cop expressed the view that this time around, citizens comported themselves much better than in the past.

“People took heed but we still had a few who did not,” Moncherry stated.

He disclosed that he had received a report of one break in on Bridge Street, Castries but did not at the time have all the details.

Moncherry said that an assessment was ongoing and the information would be revealed in due course.

He told reporters that no officers were recalled from leave, but leave was cancelled for the Marine Unit and the Special Services Unit.

“I wish to commend them for a great job and thank them for leaving their homes during a time when everyone wants to be with their family,” the Police Commissioner told reporters.

Moncherry said they were on patrol all through the night.



  1. Moncherry both you and the minister are two a*******. Before the expected storm, didn’t you know of the amount of homeless people in castries? The minister is in a better position to know because he was brought up in the CDC. This guy is as dumb as a door knob. Hermangil please go away.

  2. What the authorities fail to understand and overlooked is that most if not all of those persons have some form of mental health issues. At what point did they try to individually speak them and seek family members to assist. Where is the mental health community Practice Nurses and Social Workers.????
    Why would you think of arresting someone that has or had no access to the media warnings and alert. Wake up St. Lucia.

    • These persons are mentally unsound and clueless about what is going on around them. The police has a duty of care to make safe, any mentally unsound persons and like they do in the various communities, they should have picked these people up and taken them to the Wellness Centre. At that point, the families could be contacted for assistance with these vulnerable persons. This is the type of crap we see when we have square pegs in round holes…like the clueless Director they have at the Wellness Centre. The Wellness Centre should have been on the ball liaising with the police regarding these vulnerable persons.

  3. These are persons who should be under the care of the Mental Health Authority. The Director of the Wellness Centre is a clueless knob. The same way the police are required to pick up persons within the communities who are mentally unsound and acting up and take them to the Wellness Centre, the police should have picked up these person and taken them there. Then the wellness center could liaise with the family members to assist. These mentally sick people were not even aware of what was happening and the police and those in mental health had a duty of care to these people. Shameful!

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