Shocked Neighbour Recalls Events Surrounding Sarrot Murder

A shocked neighbour has been recounting events surrounding the murder of Sarrot resident Vick Dennis, 34.

Dennis was stabbed in the chest during a robbery at his home and died Monday morning at Victoria Hospital after being taken there via ambulance.

The neighbour, speaking on condition of anonymity, recalled that it was about 3.00 am.

The neighbour recalled being awakened by screaming.

“Somebody please help me – Oh my God,” the Sarrot resident recalled hearing.

“I thought I was dreaming,” the neighbour told reporters.

The neighbour explained that the person screaming was the wife of the deceased.

It was reported that someone passed through a window, entered their house and stabbed Dennis in the chest during a robbery.

“I am shocked,” the neighbour said.

“They are very nice persons – especially him; he is very calm. He is never into anybody’s business; never in trouble – nothing like that,” the neighbour observed.

“They were just renovating their house,” the Sarrot resident stated.

It was explained that the deceased and his wife have a three year old boy.



  1. “Somebody please help me – Oh my God,”

    I don’t know the victim but this is heartbreaking and brings tears to my ears.

  2. They come and Rob you in your home I don’t like that. Check those who was helping him renovate. The nights so hot these days I sleep with mine open too but I always have a nice sharp cutlass behind my dresser

  3. Another rectum who chose to destroy a life. These lazy scoundrels need to go and find work like the hardworking people of St. Lucia, who are working night and day in some cases, so that they can take care of themselves and family.

  4. Murdered, in your home, in the presence of your wife and and child; the authorities would then turned around and bail him out for less than $1000 – the going rates in SLU for bail – ANY CRIME – is about $500 or less. Where is the deterrent?!!

  5. All the reason why responsible citizens should be armed. God bless America, the land of the free where a man can be armed and protect his family. Unlike these slave colonial laws we got down here.

  6. This is a guy that is an expert at entering houses,there is one notorious in the neighbourhood,this robberie is similar to the one in Millet last month,and the result was the same the owner of the house dead.All neighbours know this guy,the police also,they had to let him go last time for lack of evidence,please investigate and work the crime scene properly because there has to be evidence somewere in the house.

    • That is ridiculous that they couldn’t find any evidence. Don’t they watch CSI? All the little fibers, strand of hairs, finger prints… what’s his alibi? Who can confirm? These are innocent ppl being taken out of this world for no reason at all. I know we don’t have all the resources, murders can’t just go away like that. Justice For the families and murderers off the streets

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