“Shooters Shouted ‘Police!’ “Moments Before Firing At Vieux Fort Man

Masked shooters shouted ‘Police!’moments before opening fire at Vieux Fort resident, Howard Henry, 38, it has been reported.

According to a relative who spoke to St Lucia Times on spoke on condition of anonymity, neighbours reported a banging on the door of the house where Henry lived at New Dock Road and persons identifying themselves as police officers.

House where shooting occurred

The relative said that on the basis of that identification, Henry opened the door just before midnight on Wednesday and was shot.

But the relative believes that it was a case of mistaken identity and that the gunmen, believed to be two in number, were actually after others in the house who fled after Henry sustained a gunshot wound to the lower body.

He is reported to have bled profusely before being conveyed by ambulance to St Jude Hospital.

Bloodstains at house

The victim succumbed Saturday morning.

The family member who spoke to St Lucia Times expressed concern over the development, asserting that impersonations of police officers could create problems for both law enforcers and citizens.

According to the relative, who told St Lucia Times that it was not the first such incident in Vieux Fort, people could well become suspicious of genuine police officers in plain clothes who come calling.

One person is currently in police custody assisting with investigations into the latest homicide.

The relative told St Lucia Times that the deceased was keeping house for the owner who is  in neighbouring Martinique.

The family member said that the mother of the deceased passed away just a few months ago


    • Bob there is also something called citizen arrest. We do not have to create issues we do not need. The police must be respectfully consulted and mechanism identified for collaboration

  1. Bob, your level of intelligence is so low I don’t even know how to describe it. I believe you must be part of the 43% if jackasses.

    • If u was reading yur news lately u wud know y bob made such a statement. And go ahead comment on the spellings I 2 3….go.

    • Martin Sampson, Bob is making asking a valid question in light of the debate about duties of city police that dominated the news throughout the week. Sometimes we are too quick to condemn.

    • Don’t castigate, encourage people so that they can elevate and better articulate. We all fall short in one aspect of live or the other. Never look down on someone unless you are picking her or him up.

    • If Bob doesn’t know then teach him. That’s what the Bible states. No question should be foolish! Can we just respect each other and pray more for peace and safety in our homeland, because if you haven’t noticed we are all in this together.

  2. What’s up with all these city police bs. Is city police trained to investigate a murder. If you ain’t got something proper to say don’t say nun because all you doing is causing problems and undermining the real police. City police are power rangers not soldiers.

    • Interesting comment abc let’s break it down.
      1. City police are not trained but are always present.
      2. Rslp are trained but never arround
      3. Criminals are trained and strap and always arround
      4.innocent people are not strap and always everywhere.

      Can someone help me out here?
      M goin to the city for a walk lemme see which kind of police I see first. Wish me luck.

  3. Well I do understand the city police comment. Since they don’t have island wide power to arrest, they are unable to apprehend a person suspected of murder into custody, which I think is stupid to be honest. The police force is currently understaffed. If money in invested into training, why not make complete use of it?

  4. Hoping justice is served. How strange for a gunman to identify himself as police to carry out their deeds

  5. What we need is Home Police. All law abiding, innocent citizens have their own guns. Customs allowingallkinda guns to enter here so…

  6. This story is very confusing; one slaughtered, mask men shouting: police, police; Miss Mary, what say you on this story? Law makers, isn’t that cause for concern? PM your mandate is coming to an end; what have you done, that was not done?

    • Was that caused by the PM. You people have a sick sense of humor. Someone has died and you looking for a way to blame the PM? Is that the first time that shooters have used disguise as police to kill people? why do you think that Compton had to pass the Public Order Act to prevent would be criminals from wearing camouflage? You are a sick dude!

  7. It is not the first time neither will it be the last that gunmen have attacked people under the guise of police. It is also wrong to associate that with City police being given island wide powers of arrest. We must recognize that all police administered the oath have island wide powers of arrest and City police are no different. We are making it an issue because it sounds political, however St. Lucians associate single thing nowadays with politics.

    We have given a new government a new mandate to do things differently because what existed before did not work. If we wanted everything to remain as is or in accordance with the policies of those who we have rejected, the we might as well have stayed with the former. The world is changing and i don’t expect those above 60 years to be changing unless they have found a way to keep themselves learning. Politicians pander to those of that generation hoping that they would influence or stifle change. However, those who do not learn and adapt quickly in this world will wither and die. That includes economies, businesses and people.

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