Shooting at Jacmel, Victim ‘Unresponsive’

Police have confirmed a shooting incident at Jacmel Monday.

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Details are sketchy, but emergency officials told St Lucia Times that they received a report of the incident about 2:25 p.m.

They said the victim was unresponsive at the time he was picked up by an ambulance.

An official told St Lucia Times that based on reports, the victim was selling items from a car.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. That’s the very same place they hijacked the Renwick van. The neighborhood saw who did it and all kept silent. Now look they kill the Syrian, lets see wat happens.
    Then they will blame the police, the minister, the judge. People we have to come together to keep crime a bay. We no suppose to see a henius act and pretend we did not see or play its not our business. Crime is everybody business and the police, judge etc cannot deal with it alone. Had the neighborhood speak for the Renwick hijacking, the criminal would have been intercepted, and who knows it might be the same guy and his accomplices who just take the Syrian life.
    …….Bell bar Guys u will missed. RIP

  2. Keep the secrets for the criminals and blame the police, the PM, the DPP, the minister of justice and all other bodies; expect you who saw what happened! all of you should be arrested and charge for obstruction of justice, or whatever the law call’s it! All this to say: Crime is everybody’s business, because one day, it mighty just be you!

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