Shooting In Gros Islet

Police are investigating reports of a shooting in Gros Islet town Thursday evening.

Law enforcement sources say a male individual was shot and taken to hospital.

They told St Lucia Times the injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The incident occurred after 6.00 pm, it was reported.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Never a day without criminal activity in St. Lucia. Yet this incompetent, indolent, idiotic Minister of National Security getting handsomely rewarded for doing absolutely nothing to reduce crime.
    SLT, what’s the homicide count for the year? Awaiting your response.

  2. Kenny you could not make the nation safe, now Chastanet is doing it. To hell with we the blacks, all the Martiniquan born Allen Chastanet can do is to travel and give foreigners our money. Well done Chas well done. Desruisseaux deck decks i hope you all are taking notes.

  3. These Shootings have nothing to do with politiricks .These foolish Guys have their so Called problems with other Foolish Guys and they Solve it by Shooting one another.Thses are Drugs Related Problems .

    • Everything on this island is political. There is no separation. The majority depends on handouts from politicians. To get a job in the public and to a lesser extent the private sector, you better have political connections. Besides, it is the governments duty to provide security for the populace. This can be achieved by putting measures in place to deter criminality. it is their job to find solutions.

  4. Lazy minister of National Security you need to sit up and to take notice of what is going on in Marigot, that beach is a nasty place where drug dealers rule, Minister of Tourism you too need to put a hand.

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