Friday, February 21, 2020

Shooting victim’s girlfriend tells bandits ‘get a job!’

The girlfriend of the man who was shot Wednesday morning on St Louis Street has urged criminals who are bent on robbing others of their heard earned cash, to find some kind of employment.

“Get a job – find something to do. Make use of their time. Just don’t be shooting people out there for nothing,” the woman exclaimed.

She observed that her boyfriend, identified as Elford St Luce, was shot less than 24 hours after Tuesday afternoon’s bloody gun violence in Castries that left one man dead and four people, including a child, injured.

“I was standing outside my shop yesterday when the shooting occurred. And for me to see just around the corner – for that to happen there, right there like that. It is a shame for the young people right now.”

The woman has made it clear that despite the incident, she will not abandon her efforts to earn an honest living.

“I will still be in that shop at the same time. If they have to kill me that is where they will have to come and kill me, because people cannot be working so hard and you all come and just shoot people innocent like that,” the woman stated.

“For what reason? For what – penny, ha’ penny? Not to say is no big amount of money he get in the shop,” the clearly emotional girlfriend said.

She disclosed that her boyfriend is in stable condition at Victoria Hospital.

The  girlfriend recalled that a gunman approached their vending hut, shoved a gun in her face and demanded money.

“He tell me ‘Open the safe!’ I tell him : ‘I don’t have no safe. What safe you want?’ I open the drawer – he take the money that was in the drawer and say: ‘Where the rest? Where the rest?’ So I take out the container and tell him that is all they have there,” the woman declared.

The woman’s sister recalled that when the girlfriend started screaming, the boyfriend came running to her aid and the gunman opened fire.

The girlfriend for her part said she turned and heard a gunshot.

According to her, her boyfriend was hit, the bullet striking him in the face and exiting by his neck.

The girlfriend said the incident happened about 5:00 AM as they were preparing for business.





  1. Ask miss Mary who have the rights there? And where these guns came from, she knows it all, except who are the real murders NO talk this time Miss Mary, or will it come latter, police strike don’t move, let Miss Mary do the movements, and the outside forces will come with all their rockets to clean up St. Lucia as they do all around the world. Mr. Minister, take hid, your words were nice, but you can’t do it alone, and yet a little while alone you will be.
    Revenge, wickedness and madness must stop!

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