Thursday, August 18, 2022

Shots Fired At Morne Du Don, Castries – One Of Two Patients Unresponsive

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According to emergency responders, two men sustained gunshot injuries Friday at Morne Du Don, Castries, around 7:00 pm.

The responders reported that one of the men was unresponsive after he was shot in the region of his eye.

The other patient sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Emergency personnel transported both men to the OKEU Hospital.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. The individual killed was a menace for years. He made his bed, so now he’ll sleep in it PERMANENTLY. If you’re involved in ‘the life’ so you’re most likely to die in ‘the life’. Stop blaming politicians. We all have a choice. Gunmen choose to be gun men. Do you know this individual’s family history? His father Victor encouraged all of his childrens’ wrongdoings. We reap what we sow. May his soul Rest In Peace.

  2. I agree with you fed up. Some of them think the police are miracle workers and they can just sniff their fingers and know who has committed a murder. Bayzeez. Crime is a St lucia problem. If you start to concentrate on a so called hot spot area like vieux fort, the criminals in other areas will take advantage of that and go ahead and commit crimes in other areas since the police are concentrating on a hot spot area.

  3. I agree with the police.if they go out there are do the job which they have to do which is to protect them people like Mary will crucify them. St. Lucia is paying for what they did to the officers invoke in ORC. These officers gave their heart and soul to the police force and watch how they were and are being treated. Even the government on both sides allowed their treatment. Let America come fight for them. The Bible says there will come a time when Babylon the great will fall along with all its little ones. And today our greatest America is falling falling along with all those countries that believed and depended on it. God is not dead and we will pay for the innocent tears these officers shed along with their families that were traumatized all on the name of doing their jobs. Vengeance belongs to me saith the Lord. Let us repent with an honest heart to god ask him forgiveness for intentionally hurt others just because of personal wealth and let god heal us. One day soon these material wealth will mean nothing. Let us humble ourselves and let god work in us and in our country. Peace and love

    • ORC was a hit job, thats why the US sanctioned them, you say St. Lucia is paying for what they did to officers invoke in ORC smh you didnt even the corrupt government or corrupt cops. Officers job is to arrest and apprehend shot if needed to, not go seek blood. Where is the police commisioner at that time now?

      • Well we definitely need another hit job, as you call it, to cull the unruly bulls in the herd. Just keeping it real.

  4. The fact is that this island is plagued with gun violence. I am very concerned that we might just have mass shootings on Carnival events. I think whats going in St. Lucia is sad. Hilaire likes bacchanal and this country is facing the conséquences because satan is on the loose. Whoever reads this message seek God and pray. This government think putting ppl first is giving them bacchanal thats why there is so much gun related violence on island. This country needs God.

  5. The wickedness of the gunmen +the incompetence of the police + dishonesty of the politician + the braying of the jackass human right advocate = a society with an IQ of 62 .🤣🤣

    • We have here in Lucia two types of gangs that is criminal gang and political both cannot do without each other. The political one push you deep into poverty and deprive you of your basic needs. While the other one have no value for life because of poverty.

  6. St.Luca is infested with gun related crime .Miss Mary Francis will never address the Decease Families .If was a police shooting she would be on the Police Trail .She’s 100% Anti police

      • Who the F cares! The police have taken enough from ungrateful members of the public like you. They should continue doing nothing since they are the only corrupt persons in St. Lucia. Let’s see who F gets affected the most.

    • There’s More Corrupt persons Working within the Government Shitstem in St.Lucia .Everyone is on the Police Force .Papisho

      • Buddy we know the government is greedy and corrupt, but the police don’t care and is lazy to patrol properly hence why the criminals outsmarting them. They only want paycheck


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