Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Shots Fired In Gros Islet – Two Men Hospitalised

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Two men were in hospital after separate shootings in Gros Islet within hours of each other.

According to a law enforcement official, one of the men sustained injuries to the face and back after a shooting incident at Assou Canal, Grande Riviere, Gros Islet about midnight on Saturday.

The official told St Lucia Times that the man was at the OKEU Hospital.

And the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) disclosed that hours later, it received a distress call around 5:13 on Sunday morning relating to a shooting near the Bank of Saint Lucia branch at Gros Islet.

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According to the SLFS, the male patient was responsive when the emergency responders transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

There are no further details at present.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. And then it continues! What a f**king Joke this country is turning into. Clowns 🤡 everywhere 🤣.

    Of course we welcome the toughen gun laws but what difference would it make when the criminal are doing what they do best.

    How can you talk about making the process more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain a licenced firearm? What you fail to realise is that the criminals don’t need or want a firearm licence because they will continue to indiscriminately shoot, injure, kill, etc without a care in the world!!

    As much as I dislike talking or referring to politics and politicians, it appears that everything involves politics! The people of this State need to stand up to these tyrants and let them know they are not happy.

    • Where are the News updates, this incident occurred over the weekend and to date there are no updates. From BPL news one of the victims succumbed on the way to hospital and was pronounced dead already. We need updates to ascertain the truth. Stop playing with homicide figures once SLP is in power.

  2. While ANY Government must take strong action on illegal firearms, tracking down criminals (and actually convicting them), as well as creating job opportunities for young people when they leave school, it is parents responsibility to raise their children with good values. This seems to be sadly lacking; too many single parents. Stop breeding indiscriminately, raise your children well and they won’t seek “father figures” in dodgy older criminal males. Everyone needs to take a good, hard look at themselves, see how they can contribute to the community, and stop blaming everyone/everything else.

    • I honestly beleive even if the child was brought up well by their parents they could still change character when introduced to society. They would see how hard it is to make a dollar and might resort to crime, St. Lucians behaviour are more arrogant than helpful so that would reflect onto the children, and that society we have today was made by who? Yes the governments.

  3. The people in government are not exemplary. Criminals in top position, in cabinet, in media….. No one is afraid to fire a gun. I say all those who get the opportunity to leave St. Lucia, run and let criminals run de country. Wondering what happened to the people who used to talk on have of the vulnerable. They were all visyears.

  4. I am Slp till Death Criminals Committ The Most Gun Crimes when Slp is in Government .This is the Gospel Truth

  5. The gunmen run things. They look at the so called government as a joke. We only have clowns and children in government. The so called bad boys know how to get away with crimes. Bad boys deal with their business their way. Law men step aside unless you have serious men and women at the top.

  6. The present government is responsible for all the crime after one year in power yet still no minimum wage to encourage the young people to go and work

    • You are a real jackASSp! So, who was responsible for all the crime during your government’s time? Huh? Most, if not all, record homicides have been under your UWP government. I will never say it was their fault.

      • It would take someone to mention “present government” for you to comment with vegeance. Putting your party over the people even if it involves shooting or other crime, but SLP has clearly failed to deliver their promises and its only their first term, good luck to you.

      • @The Crow I assume your response was to me, I know they have over a year in office though. You’re a SLP loyalist that will always cover for your favourite party, I would never cover up for UWP, anyways we both have to pay taxes unless you in a higher position, pay for hiked prices in stores I just learnt some goods raised today. A slice of lasagna by Massy was $11.73 now $15.00 its not because it is fatty. Excessive borrowing by SLP yet slamming the past administration for it. I like the way you respond without giving facts just saying about “Republican playbook” but who cares with that? This Government irresponsible behaviour would reflect in the country, one case would be violent crimes.

  7. 10 years prison for possession of illegal firearm. 1 year for each round of ammunition. I just solved the illegal firearm issue.


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