Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – Man Hospitalised

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People heard the sound of gunshots in Vieux Fort again Monday afternoon when a thirty-three-year-old man became the latest victim of firearm violence.

According to community residents, Monday’s shooting incident occurred in the same area where gunshots claimed the life of Jesus Blanchard of West Hall Group/Shine Drive, Vieux
Fort Saturday before midnight.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said 12:14 pm Monday, an emergency crew from Crash Fire Hall responded to the latest shooting report.

SLFS spokeswoman Annia Mitchel said emergency responders found a 33-year-old male in the presence of officers at the Vieux Fort Police Station.

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Mitchel disclosed that rapid assessment revealed that he sustained multiple puncture wounds to his body.

She said he received emergency care and was transported to St. Jude Hospital.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. hmmm who knows maybe he was the one or one of those that killed jesus blanchard so sometimes you dont have to worry cause they killing off each other and thats what the police want for the criminlas to remove their own selves but at the same time you still have to worry cause this is to much blood shed sometimes over petty things

  2. St. Lucia is definitely the epicenter of murdm.ers and gun force in the Eastern Caribbean. The government is incapable of curing the perennial problem. They need outside help.

    To get an illegal firearm is as easy as buying bread. What efforts are being made to get these deadly weapons off the streets? The government is incompetent!

  3. What is holding up the construction of the new St. Jude Hospital in V/Fort. Common Kenny and Moses Jamba, tell PjP that this child play with these two top Ministers are screwing up the whole works – there’s a prize to pay for that political game. God is watching these two.

    • I have said this many times that Lucia is a fail state, just just because of the small crime wave that sporadically happens but also the core unattended problems that has embedded into one’s life over time and here are some typical examples:
      1. Corrupted Governing System where both major parties when get into power practically refuse to update the out dated constitution, reasons being it benefit those who are in power to get away will white collar crimes and they get away with it easy.
      2. Government becomes the safe heaven for Criminals and often appoint there YES MAN at keep position eg. Legal system, IRA, Customs, Police Force. These position never stay neutral.
      3. Trade Unions are too Politically Attached and do not give proper representation.
      4. Dilapidated Health Care System, since the St. Jude fire a child is now approaching his/her teens and that health care system that served south of the Island just seems to be at a stand still as if human beings have to endure more torture medically after enduring physical and impoverish social, economic deprive livelihood.
      5. Politicians, Lawyers, Police men/women and big party supports along with high class people are above the law.
      6. Road and water infrastructure is falling apart
      7. Granting quantum concessions to Hotels and practically stabbing the local manufacturer and farms in the back. Only sweet talks.
      9. The Island is unable to feed it self. Cost of living is on the upraise weekly.
      10. Mass exploitation of the labor force with zero support.
      …. With the few above mention points, crime of such nature is just at the tip of the ice burg.

  4. This guy knows plenty .I hope the Police can Solve this Case.Its time for the police to clean.up Vieux.Fort .Nothing is being done at all.

  5. The victim will know his enemies and he must say who they are otherwise lock him up because they might very well come back to finish him off. He must talk who are these Palestine’s


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