Shots Fired In Vieux Fort Terrorising Residents

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Heavy gunfire, blamed on rival gangs operating in the Southern town, erupted in Vieux Fort overnight and on Tuesday morning, according to residents.

There were no reports of injuries, but videos and photos on social media showed that stray bullets hit private property.

One resident told St Lucia Times that in one instance, a stray bullet shattered the window to a woman’s home and embedded itself in a wall after piercing a framed picture.

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According to information, the shooting occurred in the area between the Philip Marcellin Grounds and Bruceville.

Residents said the latest spate of shootings in the area involved rival gangs firing at each other.

A well-informed source said that based on the spent shells shown on social media and the sound of the gunfire, the shooting involved high calibre weapons.

Police said they responded, and the shooting subsided.

However, there were no reports of arrests.

The Vieux Fort gun violence came against the backdrop of national concern over the violent crime surge that has so far resulted in 31 homicides, the latest of which occurred in Vieux Fort, which has been the scene of several fatal shootings.

Last week in an address to the 38th Annual Education Conference of the National Principals’ Association, Vieux Fort MP Dr. Kenny Anthony lamented the impact of crime and violence on the country.

“If we are not careful, this Island will become ungovernable, consumed and crippled by the violence which surrounds us in our homes and in our communities,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister warned.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre visited Barbados last week for talks with the Regional Security System (RSS) regarding cooperation on crime management.

Pierre had promised ‘draconian’ new legislation to address gun crime.

In this regard, a Firearms (Amendment) Bill was before parliament on Tuesday for consideration.

(All photos and video from social media)


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Peep as minister for national security you are failing badly. We need more than just a minister in charge we need a National Security task force… before we had these pissytail boys who are now the police high command we had hard working, well trained, respected top cops who got the job done. Pierre you need to appoint a National Security Minister because you are not cutting it sir. And get rid of heavy tongue and his buffoons

  2. Lucian Highgrade well said, you certainly are a true Vfortian unlike Kenny. Well said you know what I and the rest of Vfort know.

  3. Unless RSLPF is as reckless as these FOOLS this morning in VF,wasting 50 +rounds, having near misses in people’s homes that have nothing to do wit this childish shee*T! Come on what the Phock u all tryin to play down there, u all need to squash dis shee’t in VF. Thankfully no one was taken out! I keep reading 2 peoples names over and over how come this isn’t investigated, u know the names!. what about fingerprinting shells? Unheard of here? Smph woii cool the Phock Out, just bc u can pull a trigger doesn’t mean u big man! Manning the phock up and fighting like a real man using yo fists, not this phockery in de streets VF! Smph

  4. Why does PJP insist on dealing and following barbados whereas Barbados only cares about themselves. Get overseas intelligence tp clean these streets. Impose the death penalty by firing squad. And clean the police force likewise your dirty government officials.

  5. Honestly whoever is blinded by Politics thats them. But, PJP fly to Brb on our tax payers money. He made 100s in per diem for that trip. WHoever is fooled by this Brb trip is them. Then in less than a yr dem men hav travelled so much getting pd to travel for almost 500,000.00 Even clueless Emma went to weed trees all in Vincy. All u really feel dem ppl hv a clue or even care. KDA not even residing in his beloved Vfort. Has ZERO LEGACY in Vfort. All u really expect better form a govt that has so many criminals in it’s cabinet. Well Dream on Lucians. Dream On. Just nw Rayneau might sponsor the Police a vehicle or 2. PJP gv 12 vehicles as a solution.

    • Exactly the two heads needs to go be arrested But Larry is the cuz of it cuz he has nun and banan try things for the shanty town people when it comes to giving the community especially around reopening of school he does help underprivileged people of Shanty Town

  6. all these politicians are corrupt… you see them with the same gang leaders when it’s election time handing out money for drinks for their support and their boy’s support. contracts are awarded to the same so-called ghetto bosses… st Lucia has become very corrupt and our so-called leaders fuel it by associating with the problems of our society… we need a change, especially in this recycling of these government parties.

  7. I am in Vieux Fort at least twice a month. A couple years ago I conducted a walk-through. I turned down the volume down on my devices and started walking. Simply observing as I walked. I followed Clarke Street and New Dock Road.
    As I walked, I came to the realization that the place was really in bad shape. I thought, what could have made this deplorable place so sickening. I can’t speak to the politics because I don’t live there. Gassa, de place really bad.

  8. Thé prime minister did not need to go to Barbadoes for help. Why not call for a day of prayer and fasting. Jesus is the answer , only him can help bring peace.

      • you may laugh and think it is stupid but what Keeping it real is saying is true. We perish because of lack of knowledge, why not ask God for knowledge in how to bring peace in this times of conflict and war? what better way to do this in prayer and fasting. With these little devils roaming around cause we all know idle minds and hands are the devils workshop you would be very surprised what a little prayer would do but unfortunately most of us dont pray or believe in the most high anymore. The only time they knew him was when no one knew what was killing the whole world back in 2020 and i could recall people calling out for God during that time of Corona Lockdown and many people changed their lives so what is so wrong in doing it now?

    • Jesus is not the answer.Prayer and faith is not for a nation or humanity as a whole.Each individual is responsible for their own morals and choices.And we cannot force people to pray.There will always be evil and wickedness in this word, until there is not.You cannot have good without it.
      The answer for any problem, as always, comes from understanding the cause.I’ve heard people saying that the government is not responsible.Consider this one important fact …there are no guns or bullets being manufactured in Vieux Fort or anywhere in St.Lucia for that matter.
      If there are so many guns, and of that type no less, then something is seriously wrong with the border security in the country.That one fact is the government’s responsibility.
      I truly believe these weapons are being allowed in by certain individuals high up in society who are connected with key individuals in positions to allow them to pass unchecked.
      Remember that container of weed customs let slip through? It was already let go, then somebody snitched.What happened to that story?

      • @T, I agree with you. Fully understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion but prayer, praying, fasting, etc. will not help nor will it stop what’s happening island wide.

        We as an island should have paid more attention to the root cause of these issues but we some how allowed them to fester and hence why all of this BullShit is happening.

        These problems stems from everything in society, homes, friends, streets, school,

  9. Dr. Kenny Anthony, you don’t know who is causing the shooting in VF? Hmmm! My little Birdy said the main instigator has a brother who is a Morning Talk Show Host, a sister, former employee of the HIA CIP Lounge where almost 12KG of Class A drugs got on an airplane destined to the UK with her direct involvement. The instigator in question also has two brothers working with the present government. MF you know who is causing all the issues in VF. Do something about it because we the citizens are feed up and will take action if you continue to fail us. We voted for better, you just talk and no action. Get rid of RF, get rid of the dirty police, get off your ASS and do something because you are starting to be part of the problem.

  10. I will say again the Rss have to Assist the Rslpf to get these Illegal guns off the Hands of these Foolish Guys in the Ghetto Arras in Vieyx.Fort

  11. ghetto yute: kartel kartel them just shell down round so
    Kartel: how much shot fire?
    ghetto yute: Bout a Thousand star
    Kartel: How much people dead?
    ghetto yute: Nodbody nuh dead

  12. “If we are not careful, this Island will become ungovernable, consumed and crippled by the violence which surrounds us in our homes and in our communities,”

    We’re already there bub.


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