Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – Two Teenagers Wounded

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On Thursday, emergency personnel transported two teenagers to the hospital after separate shooting incidents in Vieux Fort.

HTS News reported that the first shooting occurred at La Tourney.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) Assistant Divisional Officer Anwar Deterville disclosed that at 12:03 pm, the Vieux Fort fire station received a distress call and went to La Tourney near the solar farms area.

Deterville said responders transported an 18-year-old male with multiple puncture wounds to St Jude Hospital in stable condition.

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He also told HTS that at 12:52, emergency personnel received another distress call requesting assistance in the Cedar Heights area.

The emergency crew transported another 18-year-old male who had sustained ‘multiple puncture wounds’ to St Jude Hospital in stable condition.

Last week, a man was hospitalised after a shooter alighted from a vehicle and opened fire at him in the Cedar Heights area of Vieux Fort.

Headline photo: Courtesy HTS News

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  1. Since he is in stable condition he must see or know who fire the shots and talk.. if he say he ain know pull all life support equipment from him, move all out and take it to another room to save an elderly life, who have work and contribute to this Island. While these young vagabonds roome the street causing chaos to people lives.

  2. speaking of shots fired the voler that the police had shoot and killed at barre st jospeh and his family coming and defend him his funeral was yesterday i saw

  3. Is the CMO still at her desk? Has the CMO been muzzled? Carnival is an unnecessary distraction at this time and the Prime Minister must take up the reins of management of the country and tell Hilaire and his committee(s) to go sweat by the sulphur springs.

  4. That’s actually the same area. Part if th3 solar farm is in Cedar Heights.
    The victims were taken to the “Hospidium”

  5. So Mello if goverment stops carnival in August, they will not be taking guns and shoot each other like they have been? Keep dreaming.

  6. Meanwhile we gearing up for carnival amidst a spike in covid cases because one man and his greedy friends need a fat bank account before the year ends. St lucia is a whole big circus with a joker called hill air calling the shots whilst the weak man called peep just sits there still pinching himself because he can’t believe people were stupid enough to make him prime minister.

    • St.lucians must be stupid people altogether because in June 2016 they were stupid enough to vote for a brainless Allen Chastnent. Self hate is a dangerous thing in St.Lucia buoy. Discipline your children at home stop depending on government to do it for you.

      • You the idiot at most bringing politics into every f****** thing.. You sound stupid, burnt and frustrated seek help. Chastnet or PJP doesn’t make a difference all they want is a hospital and peace so stfu


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