Sidewalk accident victim: “I could have broken my neck!”

The 87 year old victim of this week’s accident on a Castries sidewalk, has said that he could have easily broken his neck.

Oliver Henry of Arundel Hill had to be rushed to Victoria Hospital by ambulance, after slipping and falling Wednesday on the sidewalk outside the Vendors Arcade.

He said he had gone into Castries to pay some bills when the incident occurred in an area that vendors have said is notorious for similar accidents.

“All I know is that I was on the ground and blood came out like a little pipe,” the senior citizen recalled.

He said that persons on the scene called an ambulance and he was taken to Victoria Hospital where he spent almost the entire day.

Henry explained that he hit his nose when he fell.

Asked Thursday how he was feeling, his response was ‘half and half.’

He called for urgent measures to fix the City sidewalks and uplift the capital, especially by the waterfront since Saint Lucia depends on tourism.

He plans to see the Mayor on Friday about his accident.

Henry praised persons at the Vendors Arcade and others who came to his assistance after he fell.

“I am lucky that I didn’t break my neck,” he declared.

There have been numerous reports of similar accidents in the same area, with the Castries Constituency Council being forced to pay thousands of dollars in claims.

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis earlier this year disclosed that most of the claims predated his administration.

The CCC has apologized to Henry in the aftermath of Wednesday’s incident, and said that it is working feverishly on a sidewalk rehabilitation programme for the City.



  1. How could you say this about an 87 year old elder. He should “stick at home” that’s insensitivity —and disrespectful . He did nothing wrong by going about his own business. Respect is due to those who are your senior and this gentleman deserves that respect. Like he stated thank God he did not break his neck. This could have ended a different way.

    As you age your bones become more fragile. I thank God for him and I pray that he feels better soon.

    It’s certainly not his fault that the CCC failed to repair the sidewalk etc. Speedy recovery and blessings to you sir.???

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