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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

Signs of having a true friend

By Contributor Ravi Ranjan: A Tried friend is not the one who knows your secrets but is the one who just not only knows your stupid doings but was also a part of them. They are the ones with whom you lived life and forgot time.

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Here are few things you will definitely find in your true best friend.

  • No matter what time

There would be number of times when you do something stupid and get into trouble and there would be no one you could think or rely on. Not on family because they won’t spare you after knowing what stupidity did you do but there would always be that one person or persons who would go out of their ways to get you out of the mess. They would be your friends.

Friends are a second family, then know us more than our own family would ever know us, they are our partner in crime and our living secret box. In short friends, if they are tth real ones, would surely be there by your side all the time to pull you out of the pit. Honestly, most of the times they are the ones with whom we do all the stupidity, they are always there doing that stupid thing with you.

When you get in a problem and have no way out of it just a call to your bestie would fix it if not fix then at least you won’t gave to suffer on your own. No matter what time it is a friend will always come to rescue you.

  • Acceptance

Have you ever felt the need to change yourself because of others? Or have people somewhat passed their opinions on you which affected you very much?

Society works that way, they cannot be happy with anyone but do you know who are the ones who understand you and accept who you are?


People who are truly your friends accept who you are and what you are. They may pass a joke on you but if anyone tries to act smart then they exactly know how to show them their place.

  • Celebrate everything

No matter how small or big your achievement is your friends will always celebrate it. To make it more order cake online in  Navi Mumbai. Many times it would a very simple thing like you completing a task but your friends would celebrate it like you have conquered the world. For them even the slightest of the progress you make is significant and they celebrate it.

Why just achievements? Friends also celebrate your breakup. The time when you would be very low and do not like to do anything but your friends will find one way or another to keep you happy and celebrate even your break up to mark your single yet happy life again.

These celebrations to many might seem stupid of no use but these are the ones which help you get motivate and do bigger and better things.

  • The truth teller

Many times just to impress you or mock you people appreciate a quality in you which might not even be good but your friend would never do that.

They do not lie to you whenever you ask for an honest opinion. They are ones who criticize but also motivate you to do better and be a better person.


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