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Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm

‘Silent’ Thieves Strip Vehicle Parked In Castries

A resident of Morne du Don, Castries, is at a loss to explain how thieves managed to partially strip his vehicle without attracting attention.

The vehicle’s alarm was armed at the time.

The owner, who identified himself only as Andy, told St Lucia  Times that neighbours awakened him Thursday morning about 6:00 am.

He said they informed him that his vehicle, which had been parked on the road the night before between 10:00 and 10:45 pm, had been tampered with.

Andy recalled that upon investigating he realised that thieves had broken into the car and had removed the bonnet, one of the doors, the fender, the visor to the passenger’s side and a sound system.

He said the thieves also removed some tools and material he used to clean the car.

Andy explained that the vehicle had a very good alarm system.

“Because I live off the road I had an alarm system that  gave adequate coverage where I could open and close the vehicle – arm and disarm the alarm from my house,” the vehicle owner told St Lucia Times.

“There is a two-way remote whereby any little thing at all that triggers the alarm would be triggered on the remote, so I would be notified,” Andy stated.

But he lamented that no such thing happened.

Andy told St Lucia Times that the alarm was not triggered, leaving him puzzled as to how the thieves managed to enter the vehicle and engage in such extensive stripping of the car.

He asserted that thieves are becoming more technical in their approach to crime which is becoming more organised in Saint Lucia.

Andy observed that no one, including neighbours, heard the break in.

“Not an alarm, not the sound of equipment,” he declared.

Andy said that according to his ‘little knowledge’ of auto mechanics, it would have taken some time to strip the car to that extent.

He expressed the view that multiple individuals were involved in the crime.

“What I can gather is that these guys came prepared – they came with an objective and obviously with the necessary tools to scrap the vehicle,” the Morne Du Don resident told St Lucia Times.

He said police visited the scene Thursday morning.

Andy warned motorists that even the most secure vehicle is not immune to attack.

“To those who purchase parts that they know are from questionable sources – I would encourage them to desist from that kind of practice because it contributes to vehicles being scrapped and parts being sold for next to nothing,” he stated.


  1. boy! this happened to me in may. they stole the right fender, the front bumper and the headlights! n i had no alarm! and u did! this is more than alarming! no pun intended! this is becoming a popular thing with nissan notes. i had to get a new car, cameras for outside my house, everything! your story is very VERY similar to mine. to this date the police has done nothing. two guys in the area knows who did it but they said we had to pay them to talk! ridiculous! this is hard to believe that no one heard. hold ur head high n stay strong soldier. THEIR DAY WILL COME!

  2. Because vehicle alarms work with a shock sensor. A device that measures “shockwaves” in the form of vibration. If the sensor is not mounted in the proper location it is likely some areas of the vehicle will not be as well protected. It is usually mounted on under the dash near the steering column. The hope is if someone tries to steal the vehicle it will trigger the shock. Unless you have a very sensitive sensor not all vibrations will be detected. Some installers also lower the sensitivity of the best sensors as they are way too sensitive and even raindrops would trigger them. If a thief is gentle enough, they can make off with parts as is your case.

  3. Make them walk the streets carrying the parts on their head in the hot sun.when you’re at work they’re sitted at the door waiting for your knock off time.

  4. People why cry and worry… I doing it for you if you want to my friend… 3 Days and these guys will CARRY EVERYTHING they took from u back… And as a added bonus I making those guys walk everywhere they need to go, they’ll never get on any kind of vehicle again. The power is there, the power is real

  5. LOL, LOL, You are so funny guy, so how much will it cost to have them to bring it back and I guess to have them walk for life is another charge..right? LoL

  6. All that is needed to enter your vehicle and override your security is for someone to be in the vicinity of your vehicle, equipped with an electronic signal recording device, when you Lock and Unlock your vehicle. All that they have to do then, is replay the recorded signals to unlock and lock the vehicle.
    A possible solution is to have a secondary system, such as a PIR MOTION SENSOR inside the vehicle, activated by a hidden switch. If anyone enters the vehicle after they have opened the doors, using the prerecorded signal, the PIR SENSOR will detect their presence and trigger a secondary alarm.
    If you want any more information about this method, please feel free to email me.

  7. I live in Canada and what I discovered the hard way, is that there are devices out there that can capture the frequency of the alarm remote sending device that you own. They simply have to be near by in the area when you press the alarm activate button. Once they have that frequency wavelength, they can mimic the same wavelength and at their will arm and disarm the security system. My now missing Range Rover is my evidence that this can did occur.

  8. Code capture devices don’t work again. Alarms change the code every use with code hopping or rolling code. If yours doesn’t have this you’re buying a pretty outdated alarm hence the bargain price.

    Also whereas doors may carry triggers the trunk and bonnet are typically not protected. You can get triggers installed on either of these points.

    A backup battery on the unit is important. The thief gets into the bonnet, disconnect the battery and you’re done.

    Lastly if you have keyless entry and remote start you’re most at risk to get robbed. Your fob continually emits a signal though short range. The thief holds the transmitter to you house looking for the signal. The signal is transmitted to the receive that opens your car even starts it.

    Be informed and stay safe

  9. To those individuals who are preying on others ..taking and damaging what does not belong to them (robbing, breaking and entering, car theft, etc etc etc).

    Trust me you are creating curses and damnation on yourselves and to those who are making the purchase or enjoying the ill gotten gains rest assured you will also suffer a great deal … because you are also an accomplice.

    People be warned do good if you want good to follow you and your descendants Trust me you will suffer and suffer the worst possible way.

  10. Don’t worry my grandmother is still alive and I can make that person/persons put the car back exactly the same way with no default.. it’s high time they are stopped..investigate the people who are purchasing them..most times it’s to piece together a skeleton car they back time

  11. Da, thieving salops from they break the circuit on the alarm, hence remove a indicater bulb circuit broken then it’s thieves paradise. You ever hear a noisey thief 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 from the demand is there they shall supply the demand. Easy come easy go.

  12. Morne Du.Don Have so many thieves .But one day that will come to an end .There’s a garage Notorious for Scraping and painting of stolen Vehicles at Agard .A Terios was Recovered at that garage Taken by the police and Nothing happened

  13. I hope they come to my comunity,that will be the end of their run.Drilling machine ready to make holes all the time.

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