Single Visa Regime Suggested For CARICOM Countries

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Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has advocated a single-visa regime among Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member countries.

He feels that should be the next critical consideration in rationalising regional entry protocols.

According to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Bartlett spoke last week at the inauguration of scheduled commercial flights into the Ian Fleming International Airport in Saint Mary Parish.

He said multi-destination tourism is part of the principle of co-petition.

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“We can offer to visitors coming into our space, multiple experiences across borders. So, when you buy Jamaica, you can get Barbados and you can get St. Lucia and you can get Turks and Caicos,” the JIS quoted the Minister saying.

He proposed a simple platform that allows anybody to apply for a CARICOM visa to enter all the CARICOM countries.

He suggested the establishment of preclearance arrangements within the Caribbean, so that arriving visitors in Jamaica are domestic in other countries of the region and vice-versa.

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  1. Ill conceived idea. This would only work if every individual island was secured. We over here cannot control our own, how on earth are we going to control an influx of criminals. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will be the ones island hoping the must and leaving a trail of crimes behind.

  2. @AWA. Free movement of people already exist among the OECS nations. And has there been an increase in criminal activity that is attributed to that?

  3. I am weary of the Jamaicans. Unless it advantages them, to hell wit others. They were first to pull out of the federation.

  4. This is so wrong on many llevels. jamaicans have visa free for every body. so how would regulate that? with all that is going on in the world, visa free travel for all Tom Dick and Harry should be the last thing on CARIGO’s agenda. stupid ideas as usual.

  5. This would be the gate way or free pass for criminal activity in the region I say bad idea , whats going through those educated fools mind all the poorer ones would flock to the better off region hence carrying their criminals.


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