Sister Of Missing Woman In Despair After A Body Is Discovered In Castries

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Tamila Polius is losing hope that her missing sister, Sasha Polius, will return home alive after a partially decomposed body was found on Sunday at Lower Morne Road, Castries.

Police are yet to identify the deceased.

But Tamila is convinced that it’s her sibling.

Tamila Polius

“They said she had a red top. That’s the top she left home with. We just have to wait for the police to give us confirmation,” the distraught sister told reporters.

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Shasha has been missing since July 17, when she left to attend a Barbecue and failed to respond to repeated attempts to contact her via mobile telephone and through her friends.

Her sister Tamila said it was not like the missing 23-year-old not to respond or contact her family regarding her whereabouts.

As a result, the family made a report to the police.

Tamila described her missing sister as ‘fun-loving’ and an individual who made people laugh.

She said Sasha had no problems with anyone.

Tamila recalled the last time she saw her sister, her sibling was about to leave to go to the barbecue.

“As big sister, I was telling her ‘Stay home’ and things like that. But she laughed. She said she was going to a barbecue. She told my daughter – she came, she kissed her. She said ‘I love you Debbie, Bye-bye’ and she left. That’s the last we heard from her.”

Headline photo: Sasha Polius


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  1. @not that easy at times I get your point. But some men are not in any of these categories. Just shady. Psychopathic. There are men who are not married, or family friend or your boss who just do not like women. I once dated someone who claimed he was so shy and so nervous about meeting my family. I told him he would have to leave without me if he cannot come in so they can see his face. He finally came out and introduced himself. One day a few months later, he showed up at my work place to see me. A co-worker of mine saw him and gave me some details the next day of how he had tried to rape her on a date and she had to run out of his house and hike a ride home. He wasn’t married, but he knew he had things to hide. So you see, you never know.

  2. This is why you must never go on a date with someone who doesn’t want to come in to meet your family. If he sits in the car and drives off with you and no family member knows who he is, then God forbid, if something like this happens no one can be questioned. A man will think twice about date raping or other forms of violence if he knows your family or friends know you went out with him. Be careful ladies.

    • @caution ladies…i get u 100% but sometimes women put themselves in secretive situations…the so called date can be a married man, a boss, a family friend, someone to give you the element of surprise…….i jus can say too many things are happening out there with our young ladies that we do not know….if he aint right, he not worth the fight…know your worth women……patience is a virtue seek godliness before worldly pleasure..

  3. Trust no one in this time. Too many wolves in sheep clothing. Pray people pray and don’t keep company. Be vigilant at all time. Save yourselves not just from viruses but many more negatives. Put all your trust in the Most High.

  4. My dear it does not look good so just prepare yourself. Just glancing thru this article and I can see all the Classist negative connotations that comes with your sister status in this society (the norm by the coldly analytical) of some. Malay, feeble hands, “those who stumble”, zombie, to the untrained eye or nonintellectual this would be fawn upon as gibberish dialogue. This is just St Lucia and the kind of people we are, right away your sister is been portrayed as “less than” in her stature because of where she is from, and her last name so there is little or feet dragging emphasis given. That will never work for me…..I read thru them quickly like a bad book.

  5. Think how you have instructed many,how you have strengthened the feeble hands.
    Your WORDS have supported those who stumble ; you have strengthened the faltering knees, when trouble comes they are not discourage !!

  6. RIP sweet girl😭😭😭


  7. Awa ee Lord please cover us ur children under da blood of Jesus I pray dey find da bastard or batards who did dis to dis young girl dat person or persons have to suffer dey have to com forward 😭😭😭 my heart is bleeding rite now πŸ’”πŸ˜₯

  8. messay not even my relative and i want to cry the person or persons that do this to the young girl that yall going to pay for what yall did yall have to eat rubbish and be worst than a zombie in town. Fellas stop killing the young girls uh for goodness sake awa e.

    • I already made a call to my Haitian friend they will come forward. I did same for Kenny and he mogoing bit by bit I have to complete this so chas can tell us what he doing to the yacht club Spinnaker and the ramp. Then after it’s pinkly n Maraj


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