Sister Of Murder Victim Looking For Answers After Fatal Shooting

The sister of murder victim. Shawn Joseph, is looking for answers after he was gunned down at Bagatelle on Friday afternoon.

“I don’t know why somebody would do him that. For what? I never know my brother to be somebody in problems,’ Wendy Joseph told St Lucia Times.

Wendy explained that her brother was running the canteen at the Marigot Secondary School.

She said the deceased also had a bar and dance venue at Trois Pitons where he lived.

“I don’t know what went on but it’s sad to take somebody’s life,” Wendy asserted.

“My brother had his three children to take care of  – his wife; my mom – it’s terrible for her. He was her heartbeat. My brother was my mother heart beat. I don’t know how she is going to deal with it.”

“Two years ago I lost my son in that same shooting thing. I still grieving over my son death and now – look what happened again; it’s my brother,” the sister lamented.

Wendy told St Lucia Times that she is at a loss to know what is going on in Saint Lucia.

“The message I would like to send out to the gangsters or whoever is doing what they are doing – whoever that hurt my brother; I not wishing bad for nobody, but at the end of the day what is to be will be,” she declared.

Wendy explained that Shawn was her brother by mother.

“My mother only had three of us. My brother was the first, I am the second – my sister is the last,” she disclosed.



  1. Well sister, it is always hard to loose a love one in these circumstances; the answers are in the hands of the murders, help find them!

  2. Isn’t this the same guy who they said was turning his life around? Now his sister is saying she don’t know her brother to be a person in problems.. I’m confused….. Just saying

    • As usual. Their brother never did anything…
      Both brother and son died due to shooting, but they never did anything.
      Yeah right woman… Situwez

  3. Those people don’t seem to get it. Once you’re in that life, you’re in that life. No amount of turning your life around, church, or what will ever exonerate you from all the bad stuff you did. Your only option is to run away from the country you did it it and hope for the best. People you did things to never forget.

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