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Sister Says Suspected Drowning Victim Was Warned Against Going To The Beach

The sister of a suspected drowning victim says a friend warned him against going to the beach.

Police have identified the suspected drowning victim as Joueux Jn Jacques, 17, of Arundel Hill, Castries.

Officers found the body on the Rendezvous beach at Vigie on Monday afternoon.

His older sister Victoria Smith told St Lucia Times that a friend of the deceased warned him not to accompany some other individuals to the beach the previous day.

“He told him not to go on the beach because the children he was going on the beach with are very troublesome,” Smith recalled.

But she said the teenager went nevertheless.

The sister said the friends are all now giving different stories as to what occurred.

“If they did not find my brother’s body up to now we would not know what happened to him,” Smith asserted.

She disclosed that the deceased was living with his grandmother.

Smith described him as having been very kind and respectful.

She declared that the message she would like to send to other young people is to choose their friends wisely, because of the influence the friends can exert.

Smith said a post mortem examination is scheduled for Wednesday.


  1. Lots of people are being harmed by so-called friends at beaches around the island. so you can never tell what truly happened. he wanted to trust his friends and tahts what happen. every single year there is more than 1 drowning in st lucia. what is going on in that place?

  2. Regardless…it’s still sad for such young life…RIP…he looks like a young boy who use to come and panhandle in rodneybay and castries,i assisted a few times and told him he is too young to be like this and he would tell me he lives with his paps and there is no food in the house,sometime after i saw as if he stop doing it and was engaged in youth soccer looking really confident and diffrent..whether or not i extend my condolences to the family.

    • I live right next to the mall and over the last 15 years, have never seen a face resembling him. I know ALL of the pan handlers there, because there aren’t that many. In fact there were only two males above 45 ( Paul who carried a fake sponsor sheet) and “Short man” who always had to get medication. There is Ronnie below 40, Andre below 30 who has sinced relocated, a young lady (She says her name is Melissa, who always seems to be waiting on her mother) and one woman below 40 from Bexon, who we tried to give a job. Then there is also another young man below 25.

      This young man looks nothing like any of the pan handlers over the last 15 years…so unless he did it at the age of 2…You must have a darn good memory!

      • You must be another pan handler to know dem all…sounds like you been competing with them and have a sharp recollection of every other one…u such an AH..are you aware that pan handlers comes in all different ways…

      • John Public, here is how I see it: as usual you lied. Now I am sure if you put your pic up here everybody will remember you as a pan handler. I believe it is you that’s such an AH….. Yes we know that they come in different ways and that you are one of them

  3. john public u are right..i didnt want to comment about this as it may have looked inappropriate but when i saw the pic first question that came to mind: this boy looks familiar, isnt that the boy that used to ask for money on the streets?

    its not about who u know and where u know them cuz there are others out there asking in different ways….now i firmly believe thats him…..

    so sad for this young man to go this way……….

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