Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sister Seeking Answers After Suspected Drowning Of Teenager

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The sister of suspected drowning victim, Augustina Lionel, is seeking answers regarding the death of the teenager.
Ashaski St Rose, who said she was the eldest sister of the deceased, told St Lucia Times that she was at home Sunday when someone came bearing the sad news that the eighteen year old had died.
St Rose said she rushed to the scene at Vieux Fort  but was informed that the body had already been taken away.
Law enforcement officials are investigating reports that the deceased was aboard a kayak that capsized about 5.00 p.m on Sunday but she failed to make it to shore.
The sister of the deceased explained that Lionel was not a swimmer.
Two other persons who were with Lionel at the time of the incident  are among persons being interviewed by the police, law enforcement officials have disclosed.
“I’ve heard a lot, but I don’t want to repeat what they say. I don’t know if it’s true – I don’t know if it’s not true,” the sister of the deceased told St Lucia Times.
“I want some answers,” St Rose explained.
She revealed that a post mortem examination is scheduled for Tuesday.
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  1. She can’t swim so obviously if the kayak capsized she will drown it doesn’t have to be someone that drown her.

  2. Her 2 friends could hv help her in the situation police needs to really need to question her friends that was on the kayak with her

  3. This old folks say friends carry you but they don’t bring you, why they didn’t try their darndest best to help her?
    That’s why all my friends I can count them on my thumb fingers.
    Until we as a people start to bear one a other burden we’ll continue to become cold and get use to the dark.
    St.Lucians are the nicest set of people outside of Helen’s castle, but at home we’re so nasty and cold

    • Are you crazy or on coke? Try their darndest to help? Do you know what it takes to rescue a drowning person? Have you ever tried it? Do you know that in order to undertake such a rescue one needs to be either a VERY skilled swimmer/diver or trained. I don’t think her friends were either. Further, those friends which you can count on your “thumb fingers”, would you even consider giving your life for them?

  4. With all the talk of why her friends didnt try to help her. Were you all there to see her friends didnt try to help her? Have any of you making that stupid remarks have ever been in the company if a drowning person? If you dont know how to help a drowning person you are sure to be a victim too because the drowning person will take you down with them through all the struggles of trying to grab at something. If you cant swim you have no reasons going on kayak much less going into the deep waters where you cant stand on your two feet. May her soul rest in peace and my her family and friends find strength to mourn their loss

    • Truth Seeker – one can drown with a table spoon of water.

      Swimming classes should be mandatory from infant and or primary school level.

      I was lucky enough to be taught to swim from 4/5 years old and subsequently I taught some of my friends to swim.

      We’re taking this for granted for far too long.

      May the young lady rest in eternal peace.

  5. Maybe they tried to rescue her… But in doing so with the fear she’s in she maybe was drowning the other 2…. But you don’t go out on a kayak that can be easily turn over by a light wave with a life jacket knowing that you can’t swim…. She’s 18 and should know better. But it’s sad she gone at a young age. Condolences to the family

  6. Sister, answers there will be, maybe not what you would like to hear; mourn your lost and may she rest in peace!

  7. Maybe we all can learn from this lost, I teach all my children to swim by simply buying them a little plastic device call wings ( price $1.99)it is place on a child’s upper arms from the age of 1 year until they learn to swim. All I did was just supervise them. All four of my children are better swimmers than me now.
    Great gift for a child!

  8. I really dont know why we live on islands and swimming is not mandatory for every single child in school. there should have been community and school swimming pools and every child should spend at least 3 years in swimming class. all we can do is beat our mouths in the caribbean and bad talk each other and bring people down. thats our contribution to our society. then we try and run to others and get treated like sheet.

  9. You dont take a kajak out in the sea with out a life vest,and much less if you cant swim.This is so dum,and a life lost in a senseless way.Its complicated to rescue a drowning person but if you are wearing a life vest ,you have a good chance of saving the person.Then the kajak dosent sink,so you can hold on to the.over turned kajak To many things that went wrong,makes you think

  10. Its obvious she did not make it to shore because she coukd not swim. I rhink her friends did try to help but saving a drowning person requires skill and technique…..u must be in a certain position..becaise someone drowning can pull you down with them because going under u would try to pull anything cus remember you a fighting to stay alive ..and i dont think her friends were prepared to loose their life to save her…so its not as easy as we all think…..

  11. From someone who has been there, please don’t judge the friends, it’s very painful and it is not easy to help a drowning person. I lost a family member and he couldn’t swim but his best friend went to help him and had to turn back the current was pulling him also. My heart hurts even now thinking of him and he was also 18 years. May the family find Peace 🙏

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