Six Arrested In Probe Into Fatal Shooting Of Police Officer

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Police have arrested six individuals in a probe into the fatal shooting of off-duty officer Nathan Timaitre on Saturday night in Bocage, Castries.

Commissioner Milton Desir, who made the announcement Tuesday, said those arrested are assisting law enforcement officers in their investigation.

He also disclosed that in consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions on Friday, he issued letters of clearance to five officers who were the subject of an investigation regarding Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

Desir said the letters indicated that the probe had ended and there was no criminal liability attributed to the officers’ involvement in the operation.

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Commissioner Milton Desir described Saturday’s incident in which officer Timaitre died as a daring and barbaric attack on the country’s principal institution of law and order.

He disclosed that due to the Bocage incident, another officer is nursing gunshot wounds in the hospital.

Desir confirmed that shooters ambushed the officers and two citizens engaged in a cash escort operation.

The Police Commissioner said the wounded officer was in stable condition but had sustained severe gunshot injuries.

He said the other victims were robbed at gunpoint.

“The attack must be condemned by every right-thinking Saint Lucian. We must all stand up, we must all come together and ensure that the perpetrators of this vicious crime and the many violent crimes we have been experiencing in the last several months be brought to justice,” Desir declared.

He asserted that the police remain resolute in their commitment and determination to return peace and tranquility to local communities.

And Desir issued a strong warning to criminals.

His complete address appears below:

Headline photo: Police Commissioner Milton Desir

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  1. They need public pictures of these evil attackers and murders.they killing people like no empathy for human life. They need send the national guard. They making drug deals too , some of the cops::they not getting good pay tooo. Sad Reality Lucian need clean up that country. Am hearing of people here not wanting to travel back home because of covid::quarantine length..But Now Crime On They Minds. When you Travel Safety is YOUR Biggest Concern..

  2. youll kill my bro up to now youll cah arrest nobody iymc as is a police youll alr arresting ppl #deaddemdead

  3. Why are you not showing the faces of these criminals. We need to know who they are. Should post pictures of every criminal in St Lucia once an arrest is made. Most likely with the lax law we have in place, these criminals may be released on bail with chicken feed or even given little or no time in prison. We can be seeing them on the streets or talking to them without realizing they are criminals. We need to know who these people are; must know where they live so we can better protect and be more vigilant in our community.

  4. Why are letters send to only 5 officers involve in ORC. What about the others who risked their lives protecting the country from those calculated criminals. What about their families that were living in fear. Did the commissioner care how traumatized their were. The police force is paying for sacrificing their own for 30 pieces of silver. Those officers were doing the job they love protecting our country to the best of their abilities but it was not enough for some they had to sacrifice them to move up the ladder. God is not dead he is still alive. He sees and understand the anguish of those officers and he will reliever them at the right time. To those officers who took part in ORC and have been shun by your own I say to you rejoice and fear not for god has your backs covered. Until it is made right he will allow the blood shed in our country. He was sold for doing good and what was right so he understands and knows what you are going through. He will redeem you. Relax pray and have patience. March will soon be coming to an end and I pray that it will be the end of your sting. Every good will one day come to and end and so will every evil. Peace and love

  5. Please do not publish some comments and the others with hold them. People need to know them on stlucia times. It baffles me sometimes

  6. Bravo Desir and team, that was real quick. However the 6 that are held for questioning are quite familiar to law enforcement. I even heard that all of them were reporting at the nearest police station 3 times a week. Which means that their travel documents have been seized. So Desir what are the issues with them?
    Speak now or forever hold your peace cause by the start of April you will be replaced as commissioner. Mouth open, Story jump out. Who will Guard the Guards.

  7. I know what you mean bro but they said they “arrested” them I assume that they where the shooters thats why its important to give a little more information to the public. Already people calling for them to be executed wow.

  8. That’s not what I wanted to hear; what I wanted to hear is, six criminals were shot dead. If you knew they were criminals, as you acted so quickly, why didn’t you order them shot on the spot? that would have restored our confidence in you the Police. You guys know who shot up the Bar killing two women and the D.J. you know who done it.// and the criminal getaway inBabonneau // is that Policeman still on the job? the real work is yet to be done. Oh my Father God, I am pleading to you for help for St Lucia, please send help now, Amen.

    • Ask God to send you help as well cause you can’t be blood thirsty then turn holy at the same time you sound so hypocrite

  9. I am pleased to learn that people have been arrested. There needs to be swift action. We are becoming a lawless state. I beseech the authorities to send a very strong message to criminals; no longer will this be tolerated. I call for the reinstatement of ORC.

  10. Good job on the capture. However, if this level of efficiency is achieved only in situations with police officers/lawyers/politicians don’t expect much from the public.

  11. good job and its remarkably fast how you got six of them in for questioning. this is sad really and can you imagine just yesterday i heard a guy saying its high time they take down some officers too cause the officers doing people alot of wicked things and kill innocent people and he made references to the 16 year old who got shot in the car on chausse road and he was saying that out loud i find he really brave.

  12. That was very quick I must say but still not much information about the criminals as usual at least their names, sad… Now about a Lucian individual getting shot and killed I wonder why haven’t so many shooters been caught yet…

    • What is so hard to understand about not being able to name persons unless they have been charged? you get the same comment repeatedly from some persons either refuse or are incapable of understanding a simple concept which is both legal and ethical. A person who is assisting with enquiries as opposed to a person who has been charged for the offence is two different things. Just because a person is questioned by the police does not automatically mean that they will be charged and or that they are guilty of the crime. Do you realize the potential damage that can be done to a person’s reputation if their names are publicized simply because the police were questioning them during the course of an investigation? When an individual has been charged it’s on the basis that the police have reasonable grounds of suspicion supported by the relevant evidence to support the charge. The laying of the charge now becomes a state matter and can therefore be made public with names justifiably disclosed in the media. Many innocent persons have been questioned during the course of an investigation, it can happen to you or a member of your family. Would you be happy to have your name or a family member’s publicized in the media under those circumstances? I doubt it.

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