Six New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Jamaica

Jamaica Observer:– KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica is confirming six new cases of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the island.

The cases, which bring to eight the number of confirmed cases, include:

Two males, aged 63 and 67, who came into the island on March 7 from Trinidad, having travelled from Malaysia by way of Dubai and London. They presented themselves at hospital on March 11.

One male, 36, who travelled from Manchester, England. He was taken to hospital from his hotel via ambulance on March 11.

 One male, 31, a Jamaican overseas ship worker who came in from the Canary Islands via Portugal and Miami. He arrived in the island on February 25 and presented to hospital with symptoms on March 10.

 One male, 58, who is the father of the first patient who was confirmed with COVID-19. He was discovered ill at home on March 11 and One female, 34, who is a close contact, also of the first patient who was confirmed with COVID-19 on the island.

The Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton will meet with the media on Friday afternoon to provide further details. He is currently examining the level of preparedness for COVID-19 in western Jamaica.


  1. With all this reported cases chastnent and Mary Francis still think all is well …saying don’t be alarmed just wash your hands smh …. Why not cancel a few flights .

    • You missing the point what affects one affects all of us. Today for Jamaica tomorrow for St Lucia Barbados and all the islands. Ships not sailing does this not affect us ? Flights cancelled does this not affect us ? Bookings are down for the region does this not affect us ??. Look at that again BY WAY OF ENGLAND ENGLAND ENGLAND. Let this jackass government let those flight keep coming down its England they love so it’s the same England that’s going to wipe us out. Every case in Jamaica came from England.

    • It’s here and I am not waiting for government to say so. I am prepared. I go on Clarke Street early in this morning on a raid. Lime and grapefruit and orange can’t pass me juice and freeze everything. Ground provision buy all. In the words of Bob Marley when it rains water does not only fall on one man’s roof alone.

  2. We will never know if we have any cases here…not with the dictatorship style government we have here. Remember the first person to report it in China was threatened?

  3. A couple of facts that may seem intresting and may be there are some clues Covis 19 atacks and kills,off all the victims 80% are males it dosent afect young people so all those 60 years old and more take care specially you men.

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