Six People Taken To Hospital After Vehicle Collision At Bexon

Six people were taken to hospital after two vehicles travelling in opposite directions along the Bexon Highway collided Saturday morning about 10.00 am.

Two Saint Lucia Fire Service ambulances transported the injured to the Owen King European Union Hospital (OKEUH).

Emergency officials disclosed that one individual declined an offer of transportation to the medical facility.

The collision occurred between a Suzuki Grand Vitara and a minibus, an emergency official on the scene told St Lucia Times.

The Grand Vitara was heading towards Castries while the minibus was heading towards Vieux Fort with employees of a local travel agency.


  1. So each lane is wide enough for the vehicles. Road is marked to separate the lanes and all u still hvn head-on collisions.

  2. Listen!! I work in this area almost every week there’s an accident in that corner. As you can see this is in front of a pre school. We have asked for a speed hump but was denied. Every week another accident some reported others not. Day or night sometimes in the Wii hours of the morning you are awoken to the sound of a vihecle hitting another or running of the road. We need a speed bump/ hump there for crying out loud. I would like the times to reach out to the police and ask how many accidents happen in this area and that is only what is reported. On this stretch of road has two schools, one primary and a preschool. minister, Mr. District rep Guy, give us a speed hump there. Mr. Police commissioner, Mr. Infrastructure We need a speed hump there and the sad thing is that there is an elderly lady living in that house and she gets so scared every time she hears those crashes and panics. School children walk up and down this road to get to school. Let’s not wait until it’s too late man.

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