Monday, December 9, 2019

Six Saint Lucians Held At Sea Repatriated

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard officials intercepted a vessel with six Saint Lucian males on board early Wednesday morning and turned them over to law enforcement authorities here, it has been reported.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that some of the men are wanted here for questioning in connection with various offences.

According to the official, the six Saint Lucians were en route to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines aboard a canoe when they were intercepted.

After law enforcement here was alerted, a Marine Police vessel was dispatched about 2.00 am to pick up the men who were later handed over to Vieux Fort police, St Lucia Times was informed.




  1. Y’all Lucian must hear .some of y’all der as if y’all have something paying for.passing a few years in jail eating good food ain’t nothing for y’all.smfh.lord what st.lucia have become ‘now.

  2. Yes all this comentary is a waste of time if there is no follow up,you cant even give the names of these guys,besides what was inside the pirogue,cash? stolen goods? guns? because they aint fishing,and they have no contract for sea exploration,

  3. I’ve read those eight lines five times and am unable to find the details referred to by my fellow commentators. Am I missing something?

  4. SMH. That’s my issue with journalism in Lucia and the Police. This dies right there. No info, no follow up. I mean what’s real point to this piece of news. Can our journalist get the police to gv details. Sometimes details are given other times No. Remember stash got for JAG. What happened to that case? Is he, a former cop above the law?

  5. Some media personnel are in a hurry to expose info as news or Breaking News without they themselves questioning or obtaining information from the relevant authority. Sometimes their first report is incorrect or age or name or typo errors.


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