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Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am

Sixteen Year Old Female Held In Stabbing Death Of Gros Islet Man

A sixteen year old female is assisting police with investigations into the stabbing death of a young man on Marie Therese Street, Gros Islet Thursday morning, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The victim has been identified as Marley Williams.

According to reports, he recently celebrated his 26th birthday.

It is alleged that Williams and a female were involved in an altercation earlier and he was subsequently attacked.

Residents of the area told St Lucia Times that the alleged assailant was known to the deceased.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. She should be tried as an adult. Too often we allow those wayward youth to get by with MUDER…

    • So tell us what happened. Im curious as to what made that 16 year old act like that. Killing a young man. SMH

      • Mama s**** have to rot….uou’ll Think you’ll running things you took his life cause you bad your karma eh reach yet rot in jail mama tawang

      • Me to, who knows he tried to rape or forced himself on her. This is rather strange.

  2. This young lady may be 16 years of age but she is a big woman living her life as a grown woman I suggest that she get tried as a grown woman.

  3. Now look here all these comments just not called for. Any one of us placed in this situation could have done the same. Remember, we were once kids, that did what our parents knew nothing about, so please don’t judge. They are both someone’s child regardless of age. When one is angry we don’t think straight, so now this is the result. Let’s pray for both families that God will give them the strength to cope with the lost. What of the young lady’s future. And the young man he is dead, and his family hurting. Let have a heart and be human. Where is our humanity. We all need God to hold us strong and in his grace.

    • Joan remember c pah ni sitweyears pah ni voleh and u sound like sitweyears right now it seems is your daughter that did the act that’s y u posting that **** cause regardless to what y shud one kill the other had it been the other way round wat wud b yr comment then , the 16year old didn’t stab the guy in his or her house so y the hell she was out on the streets wit a knife In her possession ih pa pyess te neg so ih ha nee leday Pou chway so sah ih gwen chaybay ..I not picking sides an death is involved …what she thought was gonna happen wen she reached for the young man’s heart an stab him , I don’t know nun of these involved but jack has to get his jacket . May the young man rest in peace an his family find strength and may the law deal with the 16 yh old accordingly

  4. can i as a member of the gros-islet constituency put an ease to your mistry this your lady premeditated her murder it was not a rape or sex situation it was a grudge held against the young man this altercation was held on tuesday 9 when the young lady was insulted for a former incident that went viral about make buckets of money if u know what i mean she felt degraded as every other woman would feel so lucians could you stop putting the blame on the young man it was premeditated murder and we people in gros-islet need to stand up and speak the truth and speak out so what am i trying to say marly long live cocoa and my girl karma is one hell of uh bitch

  5. Not condoning her ending someone’s life but are you saying it is ok for these viay negs low life pieces of **** to continuously harass women on the streets? It doesnt matter what she did with her vagina, these little boys have nothing else doing with their lives but to verbally abuse any woman they see pass by. They dont want to work and the moment they cant have you or your time they start to attack your character. It’s about time that nonsense stop. So what.. she has sex with who and who, so what she has sex for money… how is that his business to harass her and have every one around him laugh at her. He shouldve left that young girl alone and minded his damn business, he wouldve still been alive today!

    • But why she ashamed of her bom… if it’s her life her vagina and she *kn who she want for money …why shud she get mad If its said out loud …that’s the life she chose…be proud of it #lasfairbom

  6. There’s no abuse on women here if you are a carpenter be proud of who or what you are. Of all the trades available to make money she chooses to sell her body then she shouldn’t be ashamed of what she chooses to be. Sad that it went so far but a spoon is a spoon and a fork is a fork . People need to stop choosing professions that comes without shame get a profession that comes with dignity and respect. Where is the pride?

  7. IT damn sound as if you condoning her behavior since when saying something to someone warrants them to kill you…matter fact she didn’t answer the 29 other fellas she picked the weakest one she knew exactly what she was doing walking around with a knife and posting on her social media that he have to die like a dog.Really she should not see daylight again.And all those defending her you’ll just as cool hearted as she is.She felt soo bad why didn’t she make a report and let the law handle it she thought she was big woman so treat her like the big woman she thinks she is. RIP Marely you are definitely missed your death has left sooo many with heavy hearts

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