Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLAPS Anticipates Increased Need For Its Services Due To COVID-19 Situation

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The Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) believes there will be an increased need for it to provide shelter for animals, because of the current situation with COVID-19.

The organisation’s founder Pamela Devaux told St Lucia Times that  before the pandemic, SLAPS managed to get people to adopt a number of puppies.

“But we’re filling up again,” she disclosed, adding that in the past few days the organisation had been called upon to accommodate at least eleven cats and kittens.

Devaux expressed the view that because of the situation brought on by COVID-19, a lot of people will be seeking homes for their dogs and cats because they cannot afford to care for them anymore.

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She asserted that it has become more urgent for SLAPS to find a new home.

The animal protection group is looking for new premises after being asked to vacate its current headquarters at Massade, Gros Islet.

The building has been sold.

SLAPS says it was given notice to leave at the end of April this year, but is still there hoping to find new premises at the end of this month.

“The fact that we have been given notice and we will be homeless soon has put added pressure on us,” Devaux explained.

She disclosed that SLAPS is hoping the government will assist.

“If it’s a place with a building on it, that would be an enormous help to us,” Devaux told St Lucia Times.

She said the organisation can then fix up the building.

But  the SLAPS official said without a building, SLAPS will have to start from scratch.

“It’s not just finding the place – it’s finding the money to fix it up, so I am hoping what we are offered will have a building on it,” Devaux said.

She told St Lucia Times that in the meantime, SLAPS is continuing with its spaying and neutering programme and trying to take care of as many animals as it can.

“With this current COVID-19 situation we can’t do any fund raising events, we can’t look to the hotels to help us – they’re all locked down. It’s difficult but we are jogging along and hoping that things will be brighter in the future,” Devaux stated.




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