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SLAPS Appeals For Help To Deal With ‘Puppy Boom’

The Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) has appealed for help to deal with what has been described as a ‘puppy boom’.

SLAPS Volunteer, Doris Jolicoeur, told St Lucia Times on Monday that on March 22, 2020, the organisation had only five puppies ready for adoption.

“Apparently, there has been a puppy boom because as of today, we’re seeing 89 puppies in our care,” Jolicoeur explained.

Some of the animals in the care of SLAPS

The SLAPS volunteer founded the Bruno Project which finds foster homes overseas for local dogs, especially in North America.

She told St Lucia Times that the situation has been compounded by the fact that no flights are leaving Saint Lucia to get the animals to international homes.

“These are all rescued dogs that were strays,” Jolicoeur disclosed.

She made it clear that SLAPS is not breeding dogs.

“We’re just looking for good homes in Saint Lucia that will treat the dogs with respect , take care of them and give them some love,” Jolicoeur stated.

She disclosed that since St Lucia Times published an article she wrote about the matter, a few people have demonstrated an interest.

“I think we have completed two adoptions,” the SLAPS volunteer noted.

“Personally, I think that’s a success. I would have loved to see a dozen families come forward,” she stated.

“We want the dogs to have a better life and tight now they’re in pens at SLAPS. They don’t need to go inside a home, but they also don’t need to be tied up 24-7,” Jolicoeur told St Lucia Times.

She said there are many dogs to choose from.

“They’re all mixed breeds – everybody is contacting us asking if we have a certain breed, but we don’t have” the SLAPS volunteer observed.

She explained that it a challenge to care for all the animals.

Jolicoeur told St Lucia Times that a lot of the animals are in temporary foster homes.

She is caring for eight of them.






    • Ron Faria, Human beings have a choice – they can choose to have a child or choose not to to have a child; when one chooses to have a child then that person should be in a position to “take care of a black kid”. Dogs on the other hand do not have a choice and that is why compassionate people “take care of the dogs”.

      • Well said, but these people know nothing about being accountbale for their actions and just want handouts. its pathetic really.

  1. INVESTIGATE SLAPS FOR ILLEGAL DOG BREEDING PROGRAMME. Tell me, how did SLAPS have so many little dogs on its hands if it was not deliberately breeding those dogs?These white people have puppy farms all over the US, Canada and the UK. Their job is to supply. It is creating bad conditions for the animals and is leading to an over population of them. This practice is creating endless problems for authorities in those countries to take care of all these animals being bred just because someone decided to benefit their pockets instead. They then come on media and all “begging for help” for their bad decisions and their greed. These white people coopting the black people into those tricks. They come pretending to be “dog saviour” just to use the animals for profit. Many lucians may not know your tricks but some of us do know you all. I dont hate animals, in fact, i regularly feed homeless dogs and cats at my home. I cant abide by animal cruelty. But we cant allow those people to do more harm than good and look the other way while they create more problems for us in this country. we cant have a country over-run by people deliberately breeding dogs, we already have an over-supply of dogs all on the streets. SLAPS MUST BE STOPPED. INVESTIGATE SLAPS.

    • Trudy, you stupid swamp dweller, you lost all credibility at “these white people”. I hope life gives you what you deserve. you sound fat, lonely and unhappy with your self

  2. Trudy: Not sure who you are asking to investigate SLAPS. However, I suggest that since you have so much background information that you should carry out the investigation and publish your findings – I can guarantee you that you will find no evidence of “a dog breeding programme”.

    Saint Lucian Foster Mum of SLAPS/Bruno Project Puppies

    • The findings are already published from what I see. You tricky lot. Expose them. You people trying to take advantage of the wrong set of Lucians. We are a new breed. wish you luck. we aint stupid anymore.

  3. Please educate yourself on what slaps does. Why are comments about white people in Uk or USA got anything to do with strays on our streets. Chooops tun .

    • you people are ignorant and stupid and want to profit from lack of knowledge on the part of some lucians. as for the one who said I am fat and stupid. no siree; i am educated, sexy and slim.

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