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SLAPS Has 87 Beautiful, Healthy Puppies Ready For Adoption

By Doris Jolicoeur, SLAPS Volunteer

The world as we knew it has changed so drastically since the end March. 

Tourism is down, unemployment rates are up, and uncertainties are making us all so nervous.  COVID-19 has affected us all in so many unexpected ways.

Another thing this pandemic has not ignored, is the stray and shelter dog population in St Lucia. 

On March 22nd, 2020,  the Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) had 5 puppies that were “ready to go” remaining in their care. 

Three months later, we are finding that the numbers have skyrocketed to 87.  Where will the number be in another three months if they took more puppies into their care?

In normal times a stray dog or shelter puppy could fly to a caring home overseas.  The last batch of puppies to fly out  did so on March 22nd and we have had no opportunity to send any others since then.  

SLAPS is looking for good homes here in St Lucia. 

The puppies in their care are beautiful and healthy. 

They have been vaccinated and some have been spayed/neutered.  There is an adoption fee of $100 which is used to defray the cost of spay/neuter and vaccines. 

The puppies are currently in foster homes in La Toc, Coubaril, Vide Bouteille, Trouya, and Gros Islet.

Our volunteers visit the applicant’s family home where the pup will live to ensure the puppy chosen is the perfect match for the family and their lifestyle.  It is so important that the family is happy with their choice and that the pup is happy with its home.

If interested in adopting a SLAPS puppy, please WhatsApp  7232174 (only – no calls please):

For people in other areas, please contact either.  Special arrangements can normally be made.


  1. 87 dogs?? is SLAPS mad? Why the heck did they not neuter or spay these female dogs? it would be cheaper to take them to the vet than trying to get people to adopt 100 dogs. this is madness in this land. they must have some breeding programme for the canadians and covid take their ahses and now expose the practice.. cant believe this craziness!

    • Some people just don’t understand. SLAPS is not breeding dogs but rescuing them. Yes we all know that St Lucia has a dog problem and they are actually trying to curb this problem by neutering them and getting them homes – even if it’s overseas (so what ). Persons who do have dogs need to be responsible and do their part. The animals did not ask for Covid to come around. If you can help go ahead and do otherwise ………

  2. Don’t condemn people that truly care about these dogs! Let me tell you I’ve seen several cases of dog abuse and cruelty by people in this island … they are the ones who shouldn’t even own a dog!!
    Dogs mate … just like humans and produce offspring. Puppies like children are often neglected and abandoned … a life is a life …. support SLAPS … stop negativity and do your bit to help. If you need food SYSCO then go work and buy some or even better buy a bag of dog food and help instead of creating ugly comments!

  3. Honestly in these times,I love dogs,but they eat and they need vaccines and care that costs money,and that is what we dont have .We are taking care of our home animals,and believe me it can get heavy at times.Good luck with this

  4. I believe in helping shelter or helping animals off the street. I have two lady friends that do trap and release. I took four in 3 kittens and a 6/7 month old female cat, the sweetest little thing with around belly. 7 days later she had her kittens 1st a little female,kitten 2&3 were still born.#4 a light orange kitten lived for 2 days and #5 little orange tabby.. that year my friends rescued 50 kittens. Another 50/60 cats fixed and released. They do this with no support, or help from anyone. Money’s for food and medical supplies out of their pockets. The state pays for the animals to get fixed and received their vaccine
    So if you could be supportive and help shelters. Please do so.Every animal that get fixed, cuts down on kittens or puppies being born. The cats go on with their lives and not kill If humans didn’t throw their pets out on the street or fixed their pets and not let them run around their neighborhood. We would have so many pets with out homes.
    Help solve the problem ,don’t add to the problem

  5. You are the RUDEST jackass even on this planet…best you stick with pictures of pets.As you appear to be a animal HATED.!!!!!

  6. you people must be SLAPS. this is nonsense. how did SLAPS have 87 puppy dogs in a country that is already over run by dogs? they doing breeding programme for the canadians for true. how is that right? we can barely take care of ourselves, its not dogs that need food, shelter and attention for many years we can take on. investigate SLAPS. or we will have an uncontrollable animal cruelty crisis on our hands with this dog breeding programme.

  7. Lemme – I think you have misunderstood. These are dogs that have been deserted/rescued. They haven’t been breeding dogs. Because of the current situation more dogs are being abandoned.

  8. How ignorant some people can be right? I bet the negative comments come from not very educated people. Dogs are sentient beings and have rights. That’s right look it up. That’s why it’s so important to get them spayed or neutered. We’re all in this together and dogs, cats, horses and whatever animal out there relies on humans to care for them. Keep your negative comments to yourselves and the next time you see a sweet unwanted dog I dare you to look in their eyes and try not to see sorrow and pain.

  9. Exactly it, those dogs dont ask for what there given, but they sure give love back 1000 times more, a dog needs a loving and caring home

  10. The only thing we can do to help solve these poor creatures is keeping our pets spayed and nuetered. Animals have so much unconditional love for humans and sometimes we forget there needs and love which they want so much from us. I suppose because animals cant speak, we often forget that.Theres nothing worse then seeing an abused and neglected dog or cat puppy or kitten, please people spay and nueter your pets and thankyou SLAPS and all your wonderful volunteers for all the work you do.

  11. All SLAPS people coming here on the comment section; u misunderstand… blah..blah.. just like the white people who try to gas-light black people…saying they misunderstand when black people see through their tricks. Trust me, no one should be fooled.. SLAPS know exactly why it have so many dogs and they did not go around searching for female dogs to collect puppies from.

  12. Main problem is red tapes when trying to adopt. I love dogs but they make it like applying for your child schooling at the most prestigious private school where admission is a nightmare. Please let us help them,

  13. Radar keep your racist comments off of here, yes racist against white people, this is about poor little puppies that need loving homes.

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