SLBS Issues Radiation Warning As Nuclear Gauge Goes Missing

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The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards wishes to inform the public that we were officially notified of the unauthorized removal of a bright yellow Humboldt nuclear gauge from a construction site along the Postlewaite Road Union, Castries.

The Nuclear gauge is similar to the one shown in the pictures below and bears
the following information: Model 5001 EZ121 Compact Control Gauge, Serial: 9892

The public is advised that this equipment contains two radioactive sources which are toxic and can result in fatality due to prolonged exposure.

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If a member of the public comes across the device or has any information that may lead to its recovery, they are advised not to interfere with it, maintain a safe distance and to immediately contact the Director, Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards at 7165748 or

Source: Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards

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  1. Won’t be long before the culprit(s) of this crime are identified and caught. In about a month from now look for the guys that are walking around with their “dinks” as noses. They’ll be genetically deformed making for easy arrest.

  2. They greatly love to wander and takes pleasures in stealing.
    Bold and arrogant,these men are not afraid as to complete their course and escape corruption.

  3. Is there yet any Technology in St. Lucia to treat or heal someone affected by Radioactivity? If and I do hope for the good of all, that this culprit be caught, if and when:-
    Don’t jail him – make him sit in a corner teach him to write in ten sheets of paper 100 times:-
    ” I MUST NOT STEAL ” – That’s a better cure than to send him back to his old friends in the big house where they will laugh at him. Then give him ten lashes on each hand and let him go.

  4. It’s harmless unless you take it apart. Also it’s worth 5000usd brand new. Unless you are building roads, it’s useless to you.

  5. That’s what uneducated people do ..they can’t read, can’t write and therefore don’t understand.
    As a result, these morons will steal even when the items are dangerous and deadly and will lead to their demise.

    • @Jay Bird have you ever stop your ignorance for one minute to think it might have been stolen by someone who is EDUCATED and know of it’s worth and use ??? What is it worth to an average Lucian who don’t even know what it is ??

  6. @Truth, the consequences of volere will affect more than just the volere. I just hope it’s not being kept near my home.

  7. That’s all the Tourists want to hear – St. Lucia is Radioactive – all Hotels will close down.

  8. The people in charge of this should be held equally accountable. How on earth is something as dangerous kept in a location without surveillance, lock and key, protocol etc? For fuk sakes man…this is why you dont teach monkeys how to drive…

  9. Makes perfect sense to contact the director if seen instead of popo….them popo will inform on you …cant trust then to rassss!

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