Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLFA, CONCACAF Implement Mentorship Programme

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Press Release:- Concacaf and the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. teamed up to implement the Concacaf Executive Mentorship Program from Saturday 4th  to 5th December, 2021 in Saint Lucia. The two day workshop saw the executive committee members and key staff attend the workshop for the two days which was held at the association’s Headquarters in La Clery, Castries.

The Workshop facilitators; Mr. Horace Reid, Concacaf Head of Member Association Affairs and Mr. Howard McIntosh, Manager of the One Concacaf Program made presentations to the group for the two days.

The workshop was dynamic with a set content rich and connected to best practices in football administration. The Workshop was primarily developed to cause the Association to scrutinize and revisit its modus operandi, its Policies and Processes and to compare its current operations with the best practices presented.

President of the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc., Mr. Lyndon Cooper expressed his satisfaction with the content presented and indicated that the SLFA was indeed moving in the right direction. He pledged that his organization would revisit some of the policies to cause them to become more modernized and to be more fully integrated into the day to day administration of the game in St. Lucia.

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Mr. Horace Reid of Concacaf indicated his pleasure in working with the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. and expressed his joy to see that the Association was in sync with the mandates as expressed by FIFA and Concacaf.

Mr. Howard McIntosh, a former FIFA expert now with Concacaf also reiterated his long standing connection with the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. and was joyful to see that it had continued on the right path and noted its vast improvements.

The Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. President was heartened to note that its Governance Program was of International Standard and pledged to  continuously improve on it.

President Cooper also thanked his executive committee for their unflagging support and cooperation throughout this period of uncertainty and also expressed his gratitude to Concacaf and the Concacaf Experts for their continuous support to him and his organization over the years.

He went on to say that he looked forward to 2022 as it seemed that the effects of the pandemic were slowly receding and that we would soon return to some kind of normalcy in Football.

He also implied that in 2022, the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. would look to implement a similar program for its Member Leagues and the clubs registered in FIFA Connect.




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