SLFS Concerned Over People Who Refuse Medical Attention From Its Responders

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has expressed concern over people who decline assessment, treatment, or transportation to the hospital by emergency personnel who respond to distress calls.

Station Officer and EMS Manager Fernando James explained that patients could only get definitive care and attention at a medical facility.

He disclosed that firefighters and EMTs had encountered many people who requested medical assistance or called the 911 emergency line with the increase in road traffic accidents and medical emergencies.

But he noted that they refused medical attention in the form of assessment, treatment, or transport to a medical facility.

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“Persons should take the necessary heed and acceptance that if you are injured or ill that you would need medical attention immediately and when an ambulance comes to your rescue or to your assistance, take the opportunity of being transported to the hospital for medical assistance,” James advised.

He warned of the possibility that later an injury or illness could worsen, perhaps leading to death.

“So in this new year if you need assistance call 911. When the ambulance arrives, please hop on board – let the medical team on the ambulances provide the necessary assistance and transport you to the hospital for further care and attention,” James stated.

The senior SLFS official spoke against the backdrop of an incident in the Cap Estate area close to midnight on Thursday in which a vehicle overturned.

James said when emergency responders from the Gros Islet Fire station arrived, they found the vehicle resting against a building and hanging over a driveway ledge.

He revealed that the responders extricated the driver and passenger and assessed them, but the two refused transportation to a medical facility although they may have complained of minor body pains.

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  1. Day after day we are of suffering disgrace
    forever !
    And day by day God’s servant (s) will proclaim
    the good news so that the word of God may spread to become obedient to the truth !
    Vaccine+Vatican ????

  2. @the Fox you are correct. These Lucians have to be left alone in their state of ignorance. Most of them believe they know everything and don’t know anything.

    Could you imagine the vehicle overturns and the folk involved in the accident refuse medical treatment at a facility. Internal injuries can be deadly …I guess they will go home and drink checceeemaaa and rub with soft candle rather than have an X-ray/mri which would determine the extent of injuries..??????smh with such level of ignorance…BTW with certain head traumas if you go home to sleep you can forget about it …smh

  3. Good Luck !
    And continue to serve your ville
    Vaccine God.
    Your ends will meet to make war with
    the Lamb of God and it’s chosen ones.
    But God have given him to triumph over
    you .
    Except :🔥🔥🔥🔥 awaits you !!

  4. What you say about people is clearly a reflection of you everyone have free will stop imposing your thinking on people. People have a right to choose

  5. @choq – this too is blissful stupidity. I am amazed at the ignorance on this Island………………you mean the benefit to die.

  6. Give people the benefit of the doubt. maybe the people afraid of catching corona from personel and the hospital.

  7. So this is the St. Lucia of today where the I.Q. level is + or – 2%, ignorance is really bliss. The saddest part is that certain religious churches are advising members, not to take the Vaccines because it is against their doctrine. Blissful stupidity.

  8. Emergency personnel risk their lives and the lives of other road users to respond quickly to accidents/incidences only for victims to refuse assessment or transportation to hospital. They have a right to refuse treatment but their family would be quick to blame the medical staff if things go wrong later.

  9. Also have them sign a disclaimer refusing help so the medical personnel at the scene is not held accountable for anything that may happen afterwards.

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