SLFS Responds To Report of Physical Assault In Castries

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On Friday, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) responded to a report of a physical assault in Castries near the Vendors Arcade and transported an injured man to the Mental Wellness Centre.

According to reports, the man is a  taxi driver.

EMS Coordinator of the SLFS Fernando James said at about 6:45 am, fire service headquarters received a call for assistance.

James said on arrival, responders found a man about 65 years old with multiple lacerations to the head, face and right hand.

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He disclosed that law enforcement officers had restrained the patient who presented ‘an altered mental status’ and appeared ‘very combative’.

James disclosed that emergency personnel assessed and treated the injured man, later transporting him and the police to the Mental Wellness Centre for further assessment and management.



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  1. The Police use the gun on the wrong people – a sick man, why not pepper spray or Taser. What would they do if it was a crazy woman, shoot her? these guys need a whole lot of training. Shooting the Nut is not the answer, call for backup, use some WWE and cuff him, case closed. Thats what I see on T.V. so try it.(for wisdom with the sick, ask the Lord, and Pray.)

    • What do the words “lacerations” and “restrained” have to do with your response? Infact, which article have you responded too?

  2. I’m happy the criminals keeping them cuz which is a police officer said he couldn’t wait to vote chastnet out..because he working to hard under chastnet administration..well well Well I’m wondering what is he saying now..prayers for st lucia the people needs to change their mindset

    • You people are so stupid. Tell me one accomplishment Allan accomplished as Prime Minister?

      Even people in UWP was fed up of the man king move out and many UWP voters saying that’s not the party sir John left.

      That’s not flambo. I mean my god move on. You all talking about Allan like he did some thing so the man lost in a landslide election.

  3. How come the officers are not equipped with tasers? Is it that we are not that civilized as a nation? Mentally ill people don’t have to be shot — even when they become combative! But we are too docile to demand that our leaders do better than default to the barbarism that has been around from time immemorial! Even breathalyzers for catching the drunk drivers on our streets is something we refuse to demand that our leaders put in place! I guess too many settle for crumbs from the political leaders!

  4. actually that guy assaulted a police officer and it was another police officer that shot him because he presented ‘an altered mental status’ and appeared ‘very combative’. the video is out everywhere

  5. Think about the cost to the tax payers. The burden on the medical system. The stress on the medical personnel. This violence is very expensive.

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