Thursday, October 6, 2022

SLFS Responds To Report Of Shooting At Sarrot

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Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries say they responded to a report of a shooting at Sarrot, Castries.

The responders said they received a call for help about 9:50 pm, indicating that a man had been shot.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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    • You clearly live in your own society world. Corrupt government begets a corrupt society. The fish rots from the head not the tail.

  1. This worsening violent crime situation will only cause those who are not already armed to arm themselves for personal protection and therefore, the quicker the penalties for gun and other deadly weapon possession are stiffened, the better it will be as a deterrent for weapon possession. The government should immediately declare a state of emergency which should only be relaxed, when the crime situation has sufficiently been abated.

  2. Shootings and murders seem to be at its all time worst in St. Lucia. The present government is corrupt and criminal so like a cancer it has spread throughout the country. In opposition, these people had all the solutions to the country’s economic and criminal problems. Now in office, the SLP has been found wanting, clueless and criminal.

      • The government hasn’t done anything corrupt so the government can’t be called corrupt. All men are corrupted then we have a corrupted country

      • The government is not corrupt?? Do you follow news information on what they do and their whereabouts?

      • Ask Richard and Claudius, arch enemies turn bedfellows. Find out from Helaire and Alva how many days they have spent in St Lucia since coming into office. That’s our tax dollars. It wasn’t good for goose so why is it good for the gander.

  3. Oh my God how many more to we can take ? Please put down the guns and stop hurting one another there will be a time when at Lucia will not remain men so ladies will have to stay alones and families members are mourning the lost childrens are left fatherless .wife’s without a husband come on now stop the useless killings and shootings in sweet st Lucia .Mr prime minister put back hanging so that useless killings will end please
    Am tired of reading the news every day a shooting here and there .let pray for our country because it’s falling apart

  4. Wahh, fellers please put down the guns. It feels like when you’re watching a football match and you already know your team is loosing but every minute you check is another goal. Then the feeling just get worse. That’s how i feel evertime im awaiting on the authorities to take swift actions but the criminal keep scoring before they do. Time and time again. I wonder if the ones in authority read the comments here to get a grasp of what the public wants from them

      • They are sitting getting a salary every month. Do you know their plan for the country? A small matter- do you know who is their national security minister?

      • Greetings, i would just like to mention.that im not party affiliated and im not here to make excuses for any party. Just to be clear. To let you know what we want from the goverment im going to steat by saying that chas campaigned and said he would stop crime (one can only kurb the problem not stop it) and he won but he did nothing to send a serious signal to the criminals like impose stiffer penalties on those found guilty of committing the crimes. To continue, we all know that there was a serious problem with crime from the previous administration. This administration had solution for all problems while in opposition. I thought they would deal with the criminals when they got in to protect the people but their first agenda was to legalize weed. I think the people of stlucia wants a goverment who would fight asap to implement stiffer penslties, educational pograms to educat the youts on the consequences of criminal activities. They know where most of the criminsl activities are taking place so they need to hv heavy police presence in those areas to dis arm those criminals and get rid of those blocks. I can go on and on but they csn do the rest.peace’

      • Vibz I agree. Criminals in government mean that these criminals become emboldened. I mean, when rovergate and RF can be ministers, when a man can go into a church and threaten people and all of them pM as backa what do you expect?

  5. People prefer to do crime than to work for low wages… The system is paying people 3 dollars an hour working 16 hour shifts crime will never stop …

  6. Blight government. When a government uses lies and deceit to win an election…uses people and discard them, this is what obtains. When a government shows that it endorse criminality within its ranks, this is what obtains. When a government and its cabal of greedy Joe’s, show its arrogance and evil, greedy intentions the minute it gets in power this is what obtains. When people feel used and betrayed, this is what obtains! You don’t do bad to people and expect things to work out for you. Dark Money and Dirty Politics!

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