SLFS Responds To Tapion Blaze, Finds Woman ‘Void Of Vital Signs’

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Firefighters responding to an early morning blaze at Tapion, Castries, found a 75-year-old woman who exhibited no vital signs in the building.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) spokeswoman Annia Mitchel said officers from headquarters in Castries received a call regarding the fire about 4:20 am Friday and found the blaze contained to the Western side of a 40X43 feet structure raised on pillars.

Mitchel said while on the scene, the officers found the woman lying on her back inside the structure.

The SLFS spokeswoman said after the woman was transported to the OKEU Hospital, a medical practitioner pronounced her dead.

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Mitchel said the scene was left in the care of the police.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. A smoke alarm is relatively economical. Home owners should be advised by their Constituency Representative to purchase one; it saves Souls.

  2. It is most painful to think, that before teaching proper English, they want to introduce Kreyole or Patois as an additional language in Schools in St. Lucia. The sad part about it is, most need remedial English Language for a start.
    In this world, it is most beneficial to be fluent in three languages; English, French & Spanish. They should be taught to express themselves verbally and to write properly, so to be competent in this World. Patois will not do it for you. Trust in the Almighty for success.

  3. @James and @SMH … this whole story is “wonky”! Bad grammar, bad syntax … bad everything! it was quite painful to read.

  4. What kind of reporting is this? The fire was contained or should it say confined. This is such poor choice of words come on guys step up

      • They are not the bright, what else do you expect? They just don’t understand what they Read.. full in the blanks..

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