SLFS Says Too Many Road Accidents In Saint Lucia

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service is once again drawing attention to the marked increase in serious road accidents and the serious toll this trend has taken on individuals, families, national productivity and government resources.

Station Officer and Emergency Medical Technician Services Manager Fernando James reiterated the appeal to the public on behalf of the Fire Service in a recent interview with the Department of Home Affairs.

“What we saw between November 2021 up to today there has been multiple road traffic
accidents. Like I would say about hundreds because every day there would be a road traffic
accident; and not something minor but major, involving multiple persons- what we would call an MCI. And I won’t say an MCI to be 60, 40 or 100. It could be five persons or two because it can overwhelm our small response Department for having an ambulance for every single call; so it has been challenging. After Covid it is road accidents in terms of the number of calls and how serious they turn out to be”.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service also continues to issue frequent appeals to the general public to place a higher premium on the precious gifts of life and health.

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The stance of the Department is that if there is that greater appreciation then correspondingly less people will find themselves in unfortunate situations perpetrated by vehicular accidents, violence and crime.

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  1. SLFS Says Too Many Road Accidents In Saint Lucia < the word pandemic should be included in that headline. The daily accents that's happening in this banana republic are because of a few things, Selfish Driving, Careless Driving and Dumb Driving. Traffic police needed to police the road more often not riding a bike up and down or having road blocks, charge these assholes for things like obstruction of traffic, speeding and maybe if there is a charge for lack of common sense aswell…lol

  2. Here’s what to do. Keep all roads in a deplorable state. Drivers must slow down or risk damage to their vehicles. Problem solved.

  3. Driving schools don’t know what they’re doing…before you come for me I have lived and driven extensively in Europe and I have a European and a major airport drivers license .

  4. The government made it easy to get a driver’s license nowadays so what do you expect. Now people can get license on automatic vehicles. It is accelerate and off you go putting less emphasis on what is around us. Plus, now I understood that theory exams can be in groups. Imagine someone who do not know much about road/ traffic signs can come in clueless and depend on his/her colleagues for the answers — once any of the group gets it right everyone in the group gets it right . So you know we gonna have problems on the road. Once you make things easy people will pay little attention to what you really want achieve. Government is all about money. Why make it easy to get a license when no new roads are being built. The more license they issue the more they will collect.

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