Thursday, August 18, 2022

SLFS Urges Caution After Multiple Road Accidents

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has called on motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution after multiple road accidents during the Emancipation Day weekend.

Station Officer Fernando James disclosed that the SLFS Southern Division responded to 62 emergency calls including medical emergencies, one physical assault, and ten motor vehicle accidents.

On the other hand, James said the Northern Division responded to 147 emergency calls, including four traffic accidents and medical emergencies.

According to the SLFS EMS Coordinator, the four road accidents occurred in Odsan, Anse La Raye and along the Castries-Gros Islet Highway..

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He explained that emergency responders transported the injured to the OKEU Hospital.

But some refused transportation.

“The Fire Department wants to reiterate to all motorists and pedestrians alike to exercise due care and attention while driving and also while walking along our roadways,” James stated.

He also called on motorists and pedestrians to observe all traffic laws and stay safe.

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  1. With all the recklessness they keep making it easier to get a driver’s license and they do not punish the guilty ones. Look how they keep raising insurance yet many careful drivers have not made 1 accident. Peter keeps paying for Paul. It is time to revoke licenses and send some back to redo their practical. A review needs to be done on how to punish some reckless drivers.

  2. To combat this continuous uprise in road accidents there needs to be an implementation of stricter laws concerning road usage. Take it serious my good people or we shall continue to lose our loved ones to recklessness . There are some elderly people who have been driving for more than some of you lifetimes and have yet to have an accident. Do you know why that is? Because they drive cautiously. Of course you can still end up in an accident due to the inconsideration and recklessness of others but it still goes without saying. Practice precaution and be vigilant on the roads.

  3. Everytime there is an accident or fatality. All u hear is Drive with Due care and attention. Am sure if I ask the Driving School, Police and Transport Dept. they will all have a different answer. Stop this and produce data statistics and let’s work towards a viable solution. U may very well realsie most of the accidents are graduates form 1 or 2 driving school instructors, But all we do is say” Drive with Due Care and Attention?.

    • Re Article/ Smh..
      Please stop blaming the Driving Schools, the schools can only do so much, we are not responsible for our students after they have left us,I am a Driving instructor in T.O Canada and some of my students collide with other vehicles the very same way, please blame the students and not the D/S.
      There should be more traffic patrols on the road Way’s., to reduce the collisions, Too much stupidity on the streets and Roadways .
      “”Please stop blaming the Driving Schools “”

  4. The road is too swift and has no limits and there is no punishment,so the innocents ones are the ones paying the consequences.

  5. This Island have the most accident daily in the entire Caribbean. Secondly we have the most wreck less, inconsiderate and senseless drivers and above all ignorance as hell. Those combination will produce results like this and even worst pending to happen.


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