SLHTA CEO clarifies yellow fever remarks

The Chief Executive Officer of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), Noorani Azeez, has been clarifying remarks he made in relation to this country’s preparedness ┬áin the face of a possible yellow fever threat.

Azeez explained that the content of a an article in the Times may be interpreted by some that a travel ban will be imposed in light of concerns regarding yellow fever.

However the SLHTA official has stated categorically that this was not in any way communicated by him.

Yellow fever cases have been suspected or identified in a number of South American countries.

Saint Lucia does not have a travel ban in place for those countries and is not considering one, the Times has been informed.

Azeez has said that he was comfortable with the fact that Saint Lucia got an early start on how to protect its borders.

He reaffirmed confidence in the various stakeholders and the various authorities to ensure that everyone is on guard and working to the very best off their professional competence.