SLHTA Concerned About Saint Lucia’s Vulnerability

The President of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) cited Saint Lucia’s vulnerability as a small Island state in a New Year’s message to members of the association.

Karolin Troubetzkoy said the SLHTA is heartened by the IMF’s positive assessment of this country’s  economic performance and its projections for further growth of the economy in 2019.
However, the SLHTA President noted that notwithstanding this good news, “we are all mindful of our vulnerability as a small island developing state and realize that global economic and climate-related shocks can erode our hard-earned accomplishments in an instant.”
According to Troubetzkoy, to mitigate against this, building resilience into Saint Lucia’s  infrastructure and tourism product, business recovery planning, networking with other SLHTA members, reducing operating costs and diversifying business investments are critically important.
“Efforts to protect and preserve our environment are equally important, including protection of our marine resources  as well as our support for the elimination of plastic consumption throughout our island,” she observed.
“Together, we must continue to engage all stakeholders to ensure more sustainable use of our environment and promote the concomitant economic benefits for everyone,” the SLHTA President said.
She observed that construction, foreign direct investment and projected growth in tourism arrivals are among some of the positive expectations this year as tourism continues to play its part as  key economic driver.
“We are eager to embrace and promote new destination marketing campaigns, increased airlift, hotel expansions and construction of new properties and new festivals,” she explained.


  1. My respects to you my lady,you are doing a fantastic job.Please speak with our goverment,get hold of our PM,ask him,what does it take for a goverment to solve the problem of our raw sewage ? The first thing all tourists smell when they get off the cruise liners is our poop,Castries stinks,and its not a deodorant problem.All goverments run from this challenge,and we are getting bad coments,we are so acustomed to the smell,that all is normal for us.But when we travel,we feel the diffrence in the air we breathe

  2. Yes the mierda is a problem,all piss also,all town droping their stuff in harbour.Allso pick up all these guys camping on our pavements,try to wash them down also when you take them,they smell so bad.They also chase down and harras all the tourists.asking for money.Make us look bad.

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