Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLMDA Advises Against Buying Into COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Conspiracy Theories’

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The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) has urged citizens to do their own research into COVID-19 vaccines which are to be rolled out in the Caribbean.

The organisation says they should ensure they do not buy into speculation and’ the countless conspiracy theories.’

“Obtain information from credible sources,” SLMDA President, Dr. Merle Clarke advises.

In a statement Thursday, Clarke observed that no drug or vaccine is 100% safe.

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But  she asserted that vaccines unquestionably save lives.

“Let us be a nation that believes in science,” the SLMDA President declared.

She  described this year as having undoubtedly been the most unrelentingly grueling year “of most of our lifetimes.”

“Let us all take some time to reflect on how precious and fragile life is, how this pandemic has impacted us all and how we can move forward graciously valuing every second that we are alive,” Clarke stated.

“Let us keep in our thoughts and prayers, the loved ones of our fellow citizens who were lost this year to Covid-19, Dengue, acts of violence, cancer, diabetes, Hypertension and so many other infectious and chronic non communicable diseases.”

“Any life lost prematurely is one life too many,” the SLMDA President asserted.

Clarke urged Saint Lucians to continue to adhere to the tried and tested hygiene practices and protocols which have mostly kept us safe.

She called upon citizens to avoid the usual merriment of large gatherings, the unadulterated merriment which comes with celebrating the birth of Christ and the dawning of a new year.

“Let’s make use of the technology available to us to reach out to each other,” Clarke encouraged.

At the same time, she declared that physical distancing should not mean psychological distancing.

Headline photo caption: Dr. Merle Clarke, President of the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association

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