SLMDA gives notice of industrial action

The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association has served notice on Labour Minister, Stephenson King, of industrial action at St Jude Hospital (SJC), in keeping with the laws of the state relating to essential services.

The notice was given in a September 6, 2018 letter to King signed by association President, Doctor Alphonsus St Rose.

No date for the industrial action and the form it will take have been revealed for ‘tactical reasons’, a reliable source told St Lucia Times.

But the source, without going into details, said that the safety of citizens would be paramount.

Customs Officers Thursday began a two-day sickout which is likely to escalate on Monday.

The letter announcing the industrial action at SJH said it was being taken in connection with the  ‘unsafe, unsound, unhealthy and insecure’ working environment at SJH housed at the George Odlum National stadium.

“Indeed, it is very unfortunate that doctors, nurses and health workers continue to labour and deliver healthcare services to a very deserving public in a most embarrassing, unhealthy, inhumane and undignified environment at the George Odlum National stadium,”  St Rose wrote in his letter to King.

The SLMDA President observed that as a direct result of a worsening, unsafe and unhealthy working condition currently at the stadium, there have been reported sicknesses by association members including an increasing number of adverse events.

St Rose noted that the SLMDA has in the recent past brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Management of SJH, that a safe, sound, healthy and secure working environment was not being provided and maintained.

He said they were informed that association members and medical practitioners had complained to the SLMDA about the ‘untenable’ working conditions.

The letter recalled that the SLMDA the government and SJH management in an effort to amicably resolve the matter, without success.

It also recalled that the association arranged for a site tour of the St Jude Hospital reconstruction project and in a position paper to the government, recommended a quick transfer from the George Odlum National Stadium, on the premise that the reconstruction project was safer and more conducive.

The letter noted that on July 12, 2018, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, Andres Griffith was invited to assess the working conditions at the hospital.

It said despite all the efforts by the SLMDA, awareness by the government/employer and the management of SJH,  the untenable working conditions at the hospital remain unchanged.

The letter informed the Labour Minister that on August 24, 2018, the SLMDA held a meeting with members to discuss the matter and the way forward and decided that “it was time to act in their best interest and including the interest of the public.”




  1. It is now irrefutable, this present government is an abysmal failure. Living and working conditions in St. Lucia are rapidly deteriorating. This administration w’s catapulted into government by convincing the electorate than they would could deliver much better on national security, healthcare and the economy and greatly improve the standard of living. They have managed to reduce the country to almost a living hell. They have proven themselves to be woefully inadequate to provide the desirable deliverables to raise the living standards of the average Lucian. This grossly inept batch of buffoons has managed to alienate every group of workers , doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, Customs Officers, teachers and police. Their ascension to government, has only been detrimental to the entire country. Instead of out performing their predecessors, they are exceptionally underperforming. A curse will always be on this administration for retaining an unsavory, vile and ethically challenged person as Ubaldus Raymond in government. In any other country, this guy would have been summarily dismissed.

    • They have accomplishes in 2 years what Kenny could not do in 5 years….
      Reduction in license fees
      Reduction of VAT
      Partial opening of OKEU
      Appointment of DPP
      Appointment of commissioner
      Pearl of Caribbean project (dsh)
      Stoppage of bobol at SMH

  2. The doctors need to get rid of Alphonsus; taking the Association for a pappyshow; using it as his political football to kick around. What happened to the renovations Kenny did to the stadium? I suppose, more wasted funds.

    China came and built their cardboard stadium. We have buildings from the colonial era that still stand to this day but China’s buildings fall apart as soon as they are finished.

      • Labour has dominated the Unions over the years and used civil servants as pawns
        Henry Charles, Inch, Virginia Albert, Satney, Urban Dolor, Monrose the list goes on. Check the last 30 years and the best increases to civil servants have come from UWP. Kenny got his union leaders to push 0 0 0 down the throats of civil servants. Our memories are purposefully short.

    • Alphonsus might just be protecting his wife over possible connections to the missappropriation of 3 million dollars by the KDA administration for the purpose of investigating Guy. No paper trail can be found for those funds. Alphonsus needs to get the UWP out fast before this comes home to roost.

  3. They all have political agendas (some glaring, some hidden) believe it or not. What a mess these political fanatics have turned this once very progressive island into. I cry SHAME! SHAME! SHAME both SLP and UWP. One is just the shadow of the other. Mem bete men prel!

  4. Politics has painted the landscape for the slmda.
    Pretending you care. asr plz stop charging when a patient comes in for test results from the lab. It would show a lil compassion.

    • Hypocrites plus! That’s what SLMDA is.
      They are at the root of the problem with health care. They charge exhorbitant doctors’ fees which are out of reach of ordinary people.

      Very self-serving, they do not care about anyone but themselves ???

  5. All the future political candidates trying to deal the deal (I’m the best choice) getting ready for the runoff as to who created the most mayhem.
    It’s just unfortunate the citizenry will be affected by the selfish actions of the politically motivated

  6. SLMDA stop pretending you care. You doctors individually charge for a patient to get their lab results and now you want to march in the so called favour of the patient. Allez boom!!

      • You pay for the visit but is unfair to pay to full fee again just so the doctor say say all is well or not from the lab tests.

      • The Doctors do not want affordable healthcare. They have to buy their Audis, pay their Cap Estate mortgage and go on their Miami shopping sprees. They are determined to control healthcare pricing in St.Lucia. Having a national healthcare insurance is against their interest as they would have to accept a discounted rate.

  7. St rose you full of **** the building where the hospital is house does not and have not killed anyone it’s your incompetent doctors who are the one killing them so sit your Ass down you Hypocrite. your famous words SOMETHING WENT HORRIBLY WRONG. Now you signing a different tune. POS.

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