Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SLMDA Issues Warning Over ‘Dangerous’ Milk Crate Challenge

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The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) has issued a statement strongly dissuading members of the public from participating in a new viral social media spectacle that has been dubbed the Milk Crate Challenge.

 The challenge, which the SLMDA said originated in the United States but has become popular throughout the region, involves stacking milk crates in the shape of a pyramid, walking up one side and down the other.

The attempts, several of which have resulted in serious injuries, are recorded and posted on social media.

In the statement on Wednesday, the SLMDA’s Public Relations Officer, Dr. Monique Monplaisir,  warned that the activity is very dangerous and has the potential to result in
serious trauma requiring ICU admission.

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“Please be aware that there is currently a severe shortage of hospital beds because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and recent rise in cases. Therefore we would like to strongly dissuade St. Lucians from partaking in said activity,” Monplaisir stated.

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