SLNA Urges: ‘Help Take Care Of Nurses’ By Observing COVID-19 Protocols

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The Saint Lucia Nurses Association (SLNA), wants people here to help take care of nurses, by observing COVID-19 protocols.

The admonition came in a statement Wednesday from association President, Alicia Baptiste.

Baptiste issued the statement Wednesday to mark International Nurses Day.

‘More than ever the rest of us need to take care of nurses,” she declared.

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And Baptiste observed that one one such way is to follow the  COVID-19 protocols.

She explained that this would help to minimise the virus spread.

In this regard, Baptiste explained that it would place less burden on this country’s  already over-worked nurses.

She observed that around the world nurses continue to battle COVID-19 daily.

As a result, Baptiste said they are at greater risk of  contracting the virus.

But she noted that the nurses continue to press on.

Therefore, she  said recognition for nurses is especially meaningful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baptiste observed that the nursing world quickly shifted attention from the WHO proclamation of the year of the nurse and midwife in 2020, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said it was therefore important not to lose the focus on nurses.

“Every day the media highlight the threatening conditions nurses face,” Baptiste observed.

She said the media report severe staff shortages and their impact on the ability of healthcare systems to save lives.

Baptiste explained that life as people know it it may have changed now to the new normal.

However, the SLNA President declared that the care character of nurses has not.

She disclosed that people often talk about how nurses take care of them.

And Baptiste mentioned expressions of gratitude for the extraordinary skill and compassion of nurses.

However, she she also cited lip service to the nursing profession.

In this regard, the SLNA President suggested that nurses get tangible rewards for what they do.

She observed that by being on the  COVID-19 frontline, people are heralding nurses as heroes.

“We finally are receiving this recognition we rightfully deserve?”

“Where are our nurses who were awarded during the Independence National Awards?” The association President asked.

“Let us show this recognition by not giving only lip service but by showing our nurses we appreciate them in a tangible way,” Baptiste asserted.

Headline photo: Victoria Hospital (Stock image)

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