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It was brought to the attention of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) that plans are being advanced to demolish the Castries Prison, formerly the Royal Gaol.  Upon investigation, we discovered that demolition works have commenced on the periphery of the structure but we are unable to verify that these works are approved by the Development Control Authority (DCA). If it is indeed the case, we call on the DCA to issue a stop order to all works on the site until the required applications are submitted, considered and approved.

The Castries Prison is perhaps the oldest structure in Castries and therefore of historic significance.  It tells an important, albeit dark side of our history, but one we should not forget, for to do so will cause us to perpetuate the societal ills its function attempted to address.  

We understand that the proposed demolition is part of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Halls of Justice project funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).  We laud the Government of Saint Lucia, OECS Supreme Court and the Caribbean Development Bank for this important initiative. In so doing, we urge adherence to the laws that the Courts exist to uphold.  To this end, and in the context of government’s stated commitment to transparency, we urge the DCA to:

  1. stop any further works on the Castries Prison site, including the demolition of the Castries Prison until the required applications are submitted, considered and approved;
  2. take account of the historic significance and structural integrity of the Castries Prison when considering any application to demolish the structure;
  3. require the applicant to produce indicative plans for the redevelopment of the site to enable meaningful consideration to integrating the prison building and adjacent prisoner burial grounds into the planned project.  The building served an important function in the national justice system and opportunities to link this history with the future of the justice system should factor into the DCA’s decision on this matter; and
  4. engage heritage conservation organisations in discussions prior to making a decision on any application it may receive to demolish and redevelop the Castries Prison.  

We urge the Authority to take these matters into consideration in its deliberations.

Saint Lucia National Trust

September 7, 2018.


  1. National trust just stop your crap. Y’all want to save that building for what. Did y’all have a proposal about what to do with the building. This is getting ridiculous!!!!! Why y’all eh restore the buildings at pigeon island. Just a bunch of waste of time people giving the govt trouble as they moving the country forward. That building is a dump we all know it!!! Historical significance my Butt!

  2. hank to the untrained eye, history plays no role or importance. I take it that you have an untrained eye. Your post speaks of total ignorance.

  3. I am sick of St Lucian hypocrisy.
    Chastanet is a philistine for just knocking down that building without any thought for our history .Callous and classless. But that is him and his colleagues.
    But at the same time the SLNT just exposed their vulgar political agenda
    For years I have castigated them for allowing historical buildings to be knocked down left right and centre.
    Their only excuse. There are no laws to prevent this and they say nothing.
    Just because the clueless PM is now Chastanet they have a Press Release as if they care. Hypocrites and blatant political opportunists.
    We are surrounded by idiots and opportunists- red and yellow.

    • We are surrounded by black people. Black people don’t read. Idiots don’t read. Therefore, we are surrounded by idiots. Your logic checks out. I have provided the proof.

      • By your logic you must be a white man or maybe someone read the above article to you. Stop the nonsense about blacks this and blacks that. Always a statement to undermine and entire race. Its like me saying white people don’t bathe. Anyway we had problems with the hall of Justin e being built where the national cultural centre is. Now that scrapped we still have problems with the proposed new location. What do we want. Can this government do anything with out such vicious and bias resistance!

  4. I’d say if you national trust cannot make it into something other than rats and rodents and jumbies ym taking over then shut up.

  5. I have no problem with knocking down the Parliament building and printery. These were buildings without archirectural merit put up hastily after the 48 fire.
    But where is the plan? Why are we not informed or given blueprints. Since when such large changes can be made base on the fact ” we will have a great view to the Church”.
    Chastanet has no class. His colleagues also clearly have no standards by which they operate public policy.
    They also lack moral authority with a minister having his genitals exposed over the internet.
    Not even the women appear to bring anything of worth to that cabinet.

  6. There is no law with this government, they will do whatever crosses their minds and later check for documents, if they find it necessary. They act like a bunch of OLS!

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