SLNT Praises Choiseul MP, Government Over Preservation Of Historic Windmill

Press Release:- The Saint Lucia National Trust commends the Honourable Bradley Felix, Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul and by extension the Government of Saint Lucia for their quick response to development work in the vicinity of one of Saint Lucia’s most significant heritage sites at Morne Sion in Choiseul.

We applaud the efforts to negotiate with the owner of the property to acquire the property, as the windmill represents important aspects of Saint Lucia’s social, economic and cultural history. The windmill also showcases the technological innovation and virtuosity of its time.

The mandate of the Trust includes the protection, preservation and restoration of buildings of historic interest.  We look forward to other similar initiatives by the Government of Saint Lucia towards the preservation of our built and natural heritage.

The Trust expresses its gratitude to the stakeholders who made this possible, and for this demonstration of our shared vision to protect and preserve our patrimony.

We reiterate our earlier offer to the Honourable District Representative and Minister to support his efforts to develop the property into a heritage site for the benefit of Choiseul and the wider Saint Lucian community.



  1. Lol…what’s the catch?…i defeinitely thought SLpNT was a political hack!…looks like they seeking for some sort of assistance from the gov’t.

  2. Well someone told me that the property owner is yet to receive monetary compensation from the Government for acquisition of his/her property. Though I support the conservation effort the delayed compensation is not right.

  3. Where was the trust when the land was being sold and when DCA granted permission to build the house?…….NOWHERE!…………. Happy the MP caught it and did the Trusts’ work for them.

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