Wednesday, January 29, 2020

SLNT says it is not anti-development

The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) has declared that the organisation is not anti-development but wants development here to take place in a sustainable manner.

The SLNT’s ¬†Communications and Advocacy Officer, Karetta Crooks-Charles, made the remarks while commenting on the Le Paradis project.

She observed that many persons have been making comparisons between the SLNT’s stand regarding that initiative and the organisation’s position regarding the DSH project and the proposed Dolphin Park.

“We just wanted persons to remember that at the time we were very vocal about the issue,” the SLNT official told reporters.

She recalled that the SLNT had been invited by the Development Control Authority (DCA) to submit an input into the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Crooks-Charles explained that the SLNT expressed its concerns about the white breasted thrasher, the fer de lance and livelihood issues including the sea moss producers who relied on the Praslin Bay.

“It is unfortunate that people are forgetting that the Trust did speak up about this but the fundamental difference is that there was ongoing dialogue between the developer and the Trust regarding Le Paradis,” she explained.

“We shared our input with the DCA and it is for the DCA now to ensure that after they have granted permission, that the concerns of the Trust and other agencies are considered when the project is being rolled out,” the SLNT official said.

Crooks-Charles made it clear that the SLNT is not supporting any political party but supports the conservation of  heritage assets.

She said the organisation welcomes the fact that persons are paying attention and asking questions.

“We are not supporting any political party – we just want persons to get the facts, to ask the relevant questions and for there to be discussion and dialogue so ¬†that whatever development goes through, we do not lose out in the long run like what happened with Le Paradis because you have the monstrosity of buildings down there and a lot of damage has been done that cannot be reversed. We do not want that to occur,” the SLNT official said.



  1. Woman if you have nothing of substance to say , just keep quiet .Ppl didn’t hear from u why now ,you are there like the rare snakes on Maria .smh

  2. It appears that the intention is to tell us that there was dialogue between the developer and the Trust. You highlighted so many of the negative that the La Paradis had on the environment but you just emphasis on dialogue between the Trust and the developer. You speak about “sharing concern” but you never made it clear to the government and the developer that the project was a disaster to the environment. You never stood against it like you are doing now. The International environment Authorities downgraded St Lucia because of this project. You never marched like you are doing now for something much destructive . You are a bunch of hypocrites. (Words deleted)

  3. If you’ll not playing politics SLNT then i dont know what Le Paradis was.I mean this is the time i would have loved Sir John Compton to be here to hear this Hypocrisy.I mean these same projects was under the SLP belt.Why qe hearing about it now.Were you not brief on the matter,were you not aware of the plans that the SLP had in place such as that same DSH and Dolphin Park.I keep trying to put things in aspect to find the answer as to what you’ll the SLNT would have come to,and if it was SLP instead of Allan Chastanet if these projects would have fly smoothly.Hehe stop playing politics.And something else all these assets you’ll sitting on let it work for you’ll put it into good use,stop sitting down on the minies.Allan Chastanet have no money for youll St.Lucia broke we need to give that $700,000.00 to the St.Lucia Red Cross or housing.You’ll have money you’ll can survive good and well.

  4. Agree with you Sharon. There is so much that can be done with those money. SlTN just there playing with St lucian future.

  5. Quincy Anderson…do a search of the Saint Lucia National Trust on Saint Lucia News Online or Saint Lucia Times or even search for the “woman’s” name and if you are honest you would take note of the many projects the Trust has been doing. However, it is easier to malign and sully people, isn’t it? It is so funny that the many articles about the Trust’s projects which address issues like protecting our coastal communities in light of climate change, tree planting initiatives, programmes for the youth, the Walcott Place project which gave many people in Grass Street and environs ‘a bread’…not one of these articles got a thumbs up or a remark but you and the other hacks are quick to attack the Trust for doing their jobs! GIVE ME A BREAK!

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