SLNYC Praises Dennery Police Youth Outreach

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The Saint Lucia National Youth Council (SLNYC) has lauded efforts by Dennery police to reach out to the youth.

The police invited a group of young people to work with them last week in sprucing up the Dennery police station.

The police also treated the youngsters to lunch at the station.

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As a result of the exercise, the youngsters left evidence of their creative talent in the station compound.

Stone artwork

Ajani Lebourne is the Second Vice President of the SLNYC.

” From the standpoint of the National Youth Council I am really glad to see the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force working closely with young people at the community level to executive such activities,” Lebourne told St Lucia Times.

He said it is important to encourage young people to be part of of civil society spaces and actions and recognise their civil responsibilities.

He said seeing the young people take part in the activity at the Dennery station was heartwarming.

The SLNYC official observed that generally, people unfortunately consider young people as the main perpetrators of crime and violence.

“But there’s opportunity for us to approach crime from a different standpoint,” Lebourne asserted.

Painted stones

And he noted that many times, anti-crime measures areĀ  punitive.

“Punishing the perpetrators as opposed to looking for opportunities for rehabilitation,” Leborne observed.

However, he said there’s also opportunity before a young individual becomes an offender.

Lebourne said community and school policies can give that youth a level of social consciousness.

In this regard, Lebourne said the young person can become a more caring member of the society and act of role models.

He said the police have to continue their deliberate efforts to give young people a level of connection with and appreciation for law enforcement in their community.

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