Slovak-Speaking Parrot Reunited With Owner

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Sky News:– A missing parrot has been reunited with its owner after recognising the Slovakian language it was taught.

Hugo, a female African Grey parrot, was found wandering along Dublin Airport’s main runway last weekend.

The airport and supermarket Lidl teamed up to locate the bird’s rightful owner after her rescue, with the help of an animal sanctuary and modern technology.

The appeal resulted in four potential owners claiming the parrot was theirs, but none of them could supply the identification number on its ring.

Lubomir Michna, who is originally from Slovakia, told Hugo’s rescuers that he had taught the parrot a few words in Slovak – so airport officials suggested he record an audio clip for the bird.

When Hugo heard the recording of her owner speaking Slovak, she became visibly excited, according to Dan Donoher from Kildare Animal Foundation.

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  1. There is no such language as Slovakian! It is Slovak. If Sky News is this ignorant about English, they should stick to football.


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