SLP Accuses Government Of Criminal Neglect Of Health Care

Press Release:- The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) observes that today 9th September 2019, marks the tenth anniversary of the St. Jude’s Hospital fire and Saint Lucians are still puzzled as to why this current UWP Administration – which campaigned for the completion of the hospital and promised to do so expeditiously in its manifesto – abandoned the completion of the said hospital. 

It is important to underscore that tens of Millions of dollars were donated by many foreign governments toward the rehabilitation of the Saint Jude Hospital, which was nearing completion when this wicked and uncaring administration took over the levers of power on June 6th 2016.  

Further, the Hospital, which was six (6) months away from completion, could have been finished with the loan funds of US$20 million that were made available by the ROC (Taiwan) and partially drawn down. 

To have aborted the completion of the Hospital and leave the buildings unattended for more than three years, for no valid reason, is a clear and categorical disregard for the healthcare needs of the Saint Lucian people, particularly the people who reside in the South of the island.   

All of this neglect has caused a serious deterioration in the healthcare situation in Saint Lucia, while Allen Chastanet and his apostles travel the World luxuriously and seek medical attention abroad.

The SLP issues yet another call to this administration to complete the Saint Jude Hospital and stop playing games with the health of our people and nation. 

The SLP is aware that Saint Lucians are dying daily due to the callous and heartless treatment of healthcare by the Allen Chastanet Administration.

The SLP is therefore opposed to the government’s borrowing to build a new structure on the Saint Jude site, without any sensible rationale for doing so.  

We categorically reject the Government’s extravagant and suspicious plans especially in light of no answers to questions posed by the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux-Fort South on whether this proposed new facility will be a polyclinic or a hospital; and whether the design of the hospital/[Polyclinic] has received full or partial approval from the Development Control Authority.

In this context, the SLP wishes to assure Saint Lucians that, upon its return to office, the St. Jude Hospital SHALL be completed as part of its overall effort to improve the healthcare infrastructure in Saint Lucia.

The SLP also wishes to note for the record, that the 10th Anniversary of the St. Jude’s fire marks five and a half years of oversight by a UWP administration in which it accomplished very little progress, while the SLP which administered the project for four and a half years, brought it to over 80% completion; before this corrupt administration stopped work for no good reason at all.

The SLP also notes that as a result of this Government’s insensitive actions, the National Stadium which was formally inaugurated on 15th March 2003, has served as a makeshift hospital for ten of the sixteen years it has been in operation to date.  

On this sad and solemn occasion, the SLP remembers the three (3) Saint Lucians who perished in the fire of September 9th 2009:  

  1. Mr. Murnus Vigee of Belle Vue, 
  2. Mr. Claudius Soudin of Cacao, and 
  3. Mr. Joseph Jn. Baptiste of Pierrot. 

We continue to keep, in our prayers the families of the deceased persons and we ask God to give them the strength and courage to carry on life’s journey, as we assure them that we will not rest until the losses of their beloved are made meaningful by the completion of the St. Jude’s Hospital. 


  1. “The SLP is aware that Saint Lucians are dying daily due to the callous and heartless treatment of healthcare by the Allen Chastanet Administration”

    This paragraph in the press release by the SLP is very damming to the hard working staff of St.Jude Hospital, as the building alone will not cause persons dying everyday. I can say that reading that part one can question the staff ability for doing whats needed of them based on that paragraph. The PM nor the parliamentarians on both sides work at St.Jude to say the least even visit to encourage the patients and staff from what I am told.

  2. So the building killed the people eh. SLP what you want to say just say it. Are you afraid of your political skin you cowards. You want to call out the nurses and doctors as being incompetent but you crafting your press release in a way that says the building killing people Sackway Hypocrite Kon zot yay.

  3. The hospital will be ready for next election. OK. Just before next election. We are a people who forget what happened yesterday when tomorrow comes so mark my words. HOSPITAL OPENING JUUUUSSSTTT BEFORE ELECTIONS.

  4. “….the SLP wishes to assure Saint Lucians that, upon its return to office, the St. Jude Hospital SHALL be completed as part of its overall effort to improve the healthcare infrastructure in Saint Lucia.”

    This is the very same thing UWP said. Why should we believe you. SLP was in power for about 50% of the ten years since the fire, and you DID NOT get the job done. So you are asking us to re-elect you based on your failures. Did Philip J. Pierre approve this press release?

  5. SLP, are you trying to play with our brains? do the maths… 10 – 5! so keep your mouths shut, because you started what you are now critizing!

  6. the SLP’S is a real group of monkeys,, why want to critizize UWP and this government,, when you’ll eat all the money that was donated to st.jude,, so what did you’ll do for you’ll five years,, that hospital should have been opperating before you’ll loosers loose the election, so keep you’ll mouth zip and let this government do what you’ll never and will never do for st.lucia,, slp monkeys

  7. Very good Comment .The past Minister of Health always promise that the Hospital would be opened Soon .That never Happened .Millions of Dollars went missing no one have been arrested

  8. As much as I don’t support uwp current nonsense slp stfu cause u did nothing during the time. Slu we can’t tryst either party all politicians corrupt

  9. “Criminal neglect of healthcare ” ??? Gasa Yu’ll mad !! You all are been too nice, they should add charges of THE MISS MANAGEMENT OF A PUBLIC ENTITY, THE MISUSED AND ABUSED OF PUBLIC FUNDS. Teefing Guy Eardley Joseph (aka) Klippy should be held and charge with the misuse of public funds in the sum of 1 million dollars (it’s more) that was wastefully used to investigate St Jude’s structural integrity and worthiness We The Citizens of Saint Lucia finds him GUILTY as charged and STRONGLY recommend his salary BE GARNISHED until the people monies are repaid. Allen Michael Chastanet and his cronies of The United Worthless Party should be charged with the Miss management of a public entity St Jude’s Hospital with not fast tracking the absolute ergency of this institute in interest of public safety, well been, and wellness of The Citizens Of Saint Lucia.. We The Citizens of Saint Lucia (non disporans) recommend he be sensor and disbarred from attaining public office indefinitely with the immediate effect. All self proclaimed journalist, media house waggonist ( they know themselves) who aide and abetted in The UWP Propaganda Campaign in misleading The Citizens OF St Lucia in regards to St Jude’s Hospital Project should be rounded up and flogged in a town square. So you must deal with the ting Pierre, don’t be afraid to kick sand in a bawy face.

  10. Look the pm sending y’all a hospital on water and in December his race will soon began so hope some of y’all people Happy about it.

  11. If I were the publisher/editor of a newspaper or news outlet – I would never accept this press release from the SLP for publication. This PR from the SLP is callous to say the least, and of course disrespectful to the intelligence of the St Jude Hospital Staff, the Victoria Hospital Staff, even the Tapion Hospital Staff, and all health facilities around the island. Also, especially to the people of St Lucia. SLP, the St Lucian public are not jackasses, and should be treated as such.

    We are an intelligent and respectful population, and will not stand by and condone your propaganda of “…[UWP] abandoned the completion of the said hospital.” when the SLP could have done so in less than four years – but what did the SLP do during that time? Squander, and bicker …

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